OSGB: 2002 Fleer Box Score Packs 13-18

Just six packs left! Here we go.

Pack 13:
Barry Zito
Mike Mussina
Mike Cameron
Bud Smith
Adam Dunn
Sean Casey
FOR THE TWINS (Slette): an Amazing Greats Torii Hunter insert
Pack 14:
Jacque Jones
Garret Anderson
Mike Lieberthal
Jeremy Giambi
Jimmy Rollins
Larry Walker
Mike Hampton

Pack 15:
Brian Giles
Matt Lawton
Tony Armas
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Russ Ortiz
Albert Pujols
FOR THE RANGERS (Brad): a Box Score Debut Hank Blalock (1029/2002)
Pack 16:
Eddie Guardado
Ivan Rodriguez
Dmitri Young
Scott Rolen
Moises Alou
Troy Glaus
FOR THE PHILLIES (Slette): an Elio Serrano prospect (0106/2499)
Pack 17:
Torii Hunter
Roger Clemens
Aubrey Huff
Jose Vidro
Greg Vaughn
John Olerud
Pedro Martinez

Pack 18:
Juan Pierre
Nomar Garciaparra
Corey Patterson
Eric Chavez
Juan Gonzalez
FOR THE ASTROS (Greg): a Bat Rack Jeff Bagwell/Lance Berkman/Craig Biggio triple bat (178/300)
Here’s a set I’ve always been a fan of. There are three long strips of bat behind bat-shaped windows. To me, this insert is a result of the game-used craze of this decade meeting the originality of the 90’s. I love it! All of the Bat Rack trios are numbered to 300, but there are also quad Bat Racks numbered to 150.

The drawing for the box set is coming shortly…

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  1. just wanted to say thanks for having the box break. That was awesome.

    I have one question? You said you aren’t sending the base, however, if I want the base from the Yankees since that’s the team I pulled, can I get some of them or is that not part of the deal?

    Either way. Thanks again.

  2. You sure can Sooz. I’ll send base to anyone who calls for them. So far, I’ve reserved Reds for Joe. I also reserved the Mattingly from Leaf Certified for Peter. Were you looking for anyone in particular, Jeter aside? Let me know and I’ll gladly hook you up.


  3. The Jeter and the Bernie Williams

  4. No problem. Send me an email.


  5. Thanks for including me in this, John! It was a lot of fun to watch throughout the day at work yesterday.

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