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Box Break: 2000 E-X (Very nice hit!!)



24 Packs

4 Cards per pack

Price: $43 + shipping






Hey everyone!  I know it’s been a couple weeks but I have a great excuse.  I was out working on an Alaska Dream Cruise ship as the children’s coordinator and I had one amazing experience 🙂  Here is a shot I took of Dawes glacier to prove I really have been busy.


Anyhow, I did return home to an epic mailday and a sealed box of 2000 Fleer EX baseball. The E-X sets have always been something I enjoy looking at.  They have thicker stock and typically have really good looking inserts not matter what the year.  They became famous later in the years following this set, and in 1999 for their translucent base cards.  In the past I opened several 1999 E-X Century boxes when they were in the 40 range and the base cards are quite nice.

The following year Fleer went back to these for the base cards:


I was only 10 or so away from the base set so that was certainly exciting!  A young man who goes to church with me loves baseball cards and is getting into collecting the “old school” cards.  He’s going to be putting most of my breaks’ base cards into organized sets, most of which he will be keeping for his own collection.  Someone has to teach him about the good ol’ days right?  A handful of base were peeling off the cardstock but thankfully my Rodriguez was not one of them.

Prospects (1:12 Packs)

There are 30 prospects in total that come in this set, the most of the time being Rick Ankiel, Pat Burrell, and Alfonso Soriano.  They stand out a little with their gold lettering and prospect wording.  There were two in this box:


Generation E-X (1:8 packs)

Every set has to have some easier to find inserts with talented young players.  This set fits the bill here.  Nothing major to write home about but as you all know, I do love shiny inserts whether they’re tough to pull or not.  I received 3 in this box; Alex Rodriguez, Shawn Green, and Adam Kennedy.


E-Xciting (1:24 packs)

These reminded me of a fleer ultra insert from the 1996-97 Basketball set called Fresh Faces.  Coming in at 1 per box, you always hope to find a player out of the 15 card set that you’re happy to get.  While the uniform isn’t the “right” one in this picture, it was great to see The Kid.


E-Xplosive (Random Odds)

These inserts are all #d to 2499…yeah in a 2000 product!  My feeling is that Fleer wanted to give collectors the feeling of getting a numbered card, no matter how high that number might be.  There was one in this box of one of the best hitters of all time:


E-Xceptional (Random Odds)

There are 3 different subsets of these Jambalaya look alikes: Red (#d to 1999),

Green (#d to 999), and Blue (#d to 250).  I managed to pull one Green from this box.  They are really unique feeling and looking cards!  My card tried to throw itself at me like a broken bat…thankfully I was prepared.


Skybox Autographics (One game used or Autograph per box)

Well this blog sure has luck with 2000 boxes containing big time autographs doesn’t it?  If you remember, when I reviewed my box of 2000 SPX I linked John’s Break where the best pull this blog has had showed up.  This one is probably the best card I’ve had the pleasure of pulling out of an Old School box so far:


Yeah that’s a sledgehammer he’s swinging!  I’m sure that’s how to got to be jacked when he played 😉 Nevertheless, what an awesome On-Card autograph to see come out of a pack. Barry was an amazing hitter regardless of what he did off the field.  I still remember his All-Star Game homerun that hit the Giants logo in 1998.  I also remember that he did try to have fun although he was pretty standoffish to reporters.  He’s now the hitting coach for the Florida Marlins who seem to be in the Wild Card hunt now.

I sold the card to a collector on the best forum around Freedom Card Board.  I know he will appreciate this as much as I do when a nice A-Rod arrives in the mail.

Final Thoughts/Grades:

Collation: A

3 Duplicates.  Enough Said!

Condition: B

Having some of the base cards peeling off the cardstock is going to make it a little tougher to put this base set together.

Pulls: A

Not much can beat a Bonds on-card autograph.  The reason this box doesn’t receive an A+ is because there were no Credential parallels.

Value: B+

Outside of a high-end autograph or Credentials parallel, these aren’t highly sought after cards in general.  I was very fortunate to find the Bonds which is going to allow me to purchase another box + an A-Rod.

I do hope everyone enjoyed the review and for those of you at FCB, I do want to give you all a big shout out because you’ve been a huge help in finding some of my most highly sought after Alex Rodriguez inserts!  Mailday update will be coming when my most recent purchase arrives.




Old School Hits: 1998 E-X 2001 Destination Cooperstown


In the 90’s there were a select few inserts that fell in packs at extremely rare odds.  One example were the HoloGrfx Inserts I mentioned earlier at 1:1500 packs.  I’ll talk more about these next week 😉  Another example are Cramer’s Choice inserts from Pacific.  These came in at a rate of 1:720 packs.   You would like to think that an insert that is that hard to find in sealed boxes would not only get you really pumped over pulling one, but have the looks of something extremely unique.

Here we have one of those types of cards.  These inserts, Destination Cooperstown, come from Fleer E-X2001 and fall at 1:720 packs.  This being a case hit, makes them very hard to come by if you can even find a loose box of this stuff.  They are the only card other than Pacific’s Ornaments inserts that come with a piece of string attached to them.

Just imagine what this would look like inside a sealed pack?!  This set features 15 of the game’s top players and were made to resemble luggage tags.   Finding a copy of this card with the original string is even harder which makes this Alex Rodriguez one of my rarest cards I own to date.

They tend to sell anywhere from $45 to $400, which is what a Griffey sold for in June.  Here is the checklist for those that might be targeting one of these for your collection.  I’d like to thank from the Freedom Card Board forum for selling this to me.  He’s an awesome guy!


2000 E-X Baseball Box 2

I have a total of five boxes that have been busted and are awaiting review (yes, there will be more hockey!) so I thought I’d start things off with an old favorite of mine, 2000 E-X baseball. I broke a box of this product when this blog was brand new. In fact, this post comes nearly two years to the day that I broke that last box! Here’s a quick recap of box number two.

Box Details: 24 packs per box, 3 cards per pack, $29
From: Baseball Card Exchange

Base set: Each base card has a unique color theme, based on the team of the player depicted. Altogether, there are 60 short set base cards (I pulled 56/60, 93%), followed by 30 shortprinted prospect cards which are numbered to 3499….

…..and they look something like this. I pulled two prospects: Wily Mo Pena (1522/3499) and Cesar King (1302/3499).

Generation E-X (15 cards, 1:8 packs): Rick Ankiel, Nomar Garciaparra, Pat Burrell

E-Xciting (10 cards, 1:24 packs): Mark McGwire

I love the creativity of this insert. The player….not so much.

E-Xplosive (20 cards, numbered to 2499): Sammy Sosa

E-Xceptional (15 cards, varied numbering): Pedro Martinez (0539/1999)

These cards are available in Red (/1999), Green (/999), and Blue (/250) variations. I love these cards. Some day I’ll make a master set of them….maybe.

Autographics (1:24 packs): Bobby Abreu

Here’s a solid piece of Phillies tradebait. Anyone interested?

Final Thoughts/Grades:

Collation: B

The collation was about what I expected. I received one more duplicate from this box than I had the last one. I’m used to far worse.

Condition: D

The base cards are very subject to peeling. In some cases, it may just be a corner. In others, much worse. I didn’t experience too much of this in the last box I opened, but I wasn’t as lucky this time. Keep this fact in mind when deciding whether or not to try a box. (For the record, the inserts were flawless).

Pulls: B

Nothing to complain about here. I was especially happy that my autograph was of an established veteran and not someone with 5 career games.

Value: A

I was happy to find this box for around the $30 mark, about $20 less than the typical asking price. For that price, I’d still recommend the box regardless of what I said about potential condition issues. The cards are brilliant overall and if you pull any damaged base cards, just let me know and I can replace them for you as I have nearly 3 sets worth of this stuff!

It’s great to be back.

Overall Grade: B

Old School Hits: 2000 E-X Genuine Coverage

In mid-2000, mere months before the first “one game-used per pack” products hit the market (SP Game Bat Edition/Private Stock), Genuine Coverage cards were inserted into packs of Skybox, Skybox Impact, and E-X (box break link). With a checklist of only nine cards, the E-X Genuine Coverage set had the smallest player selection available. These were inserted into 1 in every 144 packs on average, the equivalent of six boxes. This card is available for trade. As for the rest of the checklist, it can be found below:

  • Derek Jeter
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • Chipper Jones
  • Edgar Martinez
  • Barry Bonds
  • Raul Mondesi
  • Tom Glavine
  • Tim Hudson

2000 E-X Baseball Review

2000 E-X was a product I loved back in the day, and I mean LOVED. I recall opening tons of this stuff and having some moderate success. Some of my hits then were: an Edgar Martinez Genuine Coverage card (1:144 packs), a couple autographs, and some real sharp E-Xceptional inserts. I guess what really drew me to this particular product was that it had the beautiful cards that came along with the E-X name, but for less money. As much as I liked the clear cards E-X offered in 1998 and 1999, something about shelling out $5-6 a pack and just getting 2-3 base cards, with only an occasional sparse insert, seemed unsettling. The local card shop had 2000 E-X for about $4 a pack, but at least in every 3 packs or so, you got to look at something that wasn’t just a plain base card. Sheesh. I never did get to open an entire box at once back then, so I decided to do so now. For a hair over $50, I bought a box (24 packs, 3 cards per pack) on ebay and here’s what came from it…

Base cards: Compared to other years, this E-X set has a very short base set. There are only 60 basic veteran cards, followed by another 30 prospect cards. Each prospect card is numbered to 3499. The base cards are not clear like they were in the couple previous years, but are still very colorful, have a refractor-like front, and look very sharp. I received 57 of 60 cards to the base set with 6 duplicates and 2 prospects (Danys Baez: 3493/3499 and Brad Penny: 0904/3499). I already had the base set finished before opening this box, but if anyone can help me finish this second set, it’d be greatly appreciated. The cards I am missing are 1, 6, and 22.

Generation E-X: The most common insert in this product is Generation E-X. They are found 1 in every 8 packs. These cards feature a black background with a streak of red near the top. Originally, I thought this was an insert set just for prospects, but Derek Jeter, Nomar Garciaparra, and Alex Rodriguez (who were already stars) were included so….I guess the theme was stars under the age of 30 or something?! I have no idea. I received Alfonso Soriano, Tim Hudson, and Adam Piatt. Well, 2 of those 3 became successful big-leaguers. Not bad.

E-XCiting: Here we have a unique insert set in which each card is die-cut and made to resemble the player’s uniform. These are seeded 1 in every 24 packs and look AWESOME. I pulled a Randy Johnson card. You gotta love these kind of “outside the box” type of inserts. The name is appropriate as well.

E-Xplosive: Alright, so this one isn’t quite as exciting, but is still pretty cool nevertheless. These cards feature an explosion graphic and are limited to 2499. Once again, I got The Big Unit, numbered 1832/2499. On a side note, there seems to be a trend with me pulling inserts of the same player in the same box.

E-Xceptional: This is my personal favorite insert set. These card feature the same technology used in the “jambalaya” inserts in basketball (although these aren’t nearly as rare). There are 15 players in this set and each comes in 3 different colors. The common type is red and is numbered to 1999. The uncommon type is green and is numbered to 999. The rarest type is blue and is numbered to just 250! I pulled a red version of Nomar Garciaparra numbered 1006/1999. I may try to put at least the red set together one of these days. I love the looks of these!

Autographics: Last but not least is the well-known Autographics set. Altogether, 133 cards were randomly inserted into 5 different Skybox products: E-X, Skybox, Skybox Dominion, Skybox Impact, and Metal. The odds of finding an Autographics card varied in each product. In the case of E-X, they were seeded 1 in every 24 packs, the most generous odds of the bunch. There is also a purple foil parallel limited to just 50, but I did not receive one of these. My autograph was of “Little Sarge” Gary Matthews, Jr. This wasn’t quite as good as the Andruw I mentioned in my last post, but at least it was someone I’ve heard of. As you can imagine, there are some HUGE names in this set. There’s one thing I can’t understand though. Apparently, the Mark Bellhorn autograph from this set has the same BV as the Tony Gwynn and Frank Thomas! I guess some people REALLY wanted it for their ’04 Red Sox roster set?

In closing, boxes of 2000 E-X aren’t exactly the easiest ones to find. It took quite a bit of searching, but in the end, I was pretty satisfied with my box. If you are able to find a box (that’s not hideously overpriced), I’d say it’s definitely worth a shot. You’ll probably come close to completing a set and you’ll find an array of cards that look incredible. You’re pretty much guaranteed to hit an autograph, perhaps of one of the game’s top stars? If you’re lucky, you can pull a Genuine Coverage card, which could feature a jersey swatch from Ripken, A-Rod, Jeter, or Bonds, among others. And if you’re real lucky, an Essential Credential parallel could be awaiting you, like this one of Derek Jeter. The possibilities are seemingly endless so GOOD LUCK!

As always, thanks for the read and good luck with your own box breaks!