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Box Score Supplemental Box Drawing

I should start off by talking a little bit about this box. In every box of Fleer Box Score, there would be one mystery box which actually contained a 40-card set that was a supplement to the basic Box Score set. Every supplemental set had a print run of 2,950 and had one of five themes:

Rising Stars

The fifth theme is called Classic Miniatures and features 40 mini-sized variations of 40 players. There is also a game-used card in each box. This particular box featured:

The game-used card inside this box also happens to be a triple or quadruple relic featuring nothing but all-stars. Check out the checklist here. The cards are packed very tight and I didn’t want to rip the box open or damage anything inside so I will leave that up to the winner of this box.

Now, it’s time to announce the winner. Sadly, five people were shut out in this break (Night Owl, Sooz, Peter, Joe, and FreeAndyLaRoche). With that said, these five had their names thrown into the randomizer and one of them will win this very box. I randomized the names three times and also randomized a list consisting of four “X”s and the words “Box Set.” Whoever ended up with “Box Set” next to their name won. It’s time to reveal the winner. It is…

FREEANDYLAROCHE!!! (screenshot)
Congrats to everyone who won cards from the break. PLEASE SEND YOUR ADDRESSES TO jhollod-at-hotmail-dot-com. For those that got shut out, send me your info anyway. I’ll find something to hook you up with, even if it’s just some base of your team from this break.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun.


OSGB: 2002 Fleer Box Score Packs 13-18

Just six packs left! Here we go.

Pack 13:
Barry Zito
Mike Mussina
Mike Cameron
Bud Smith
Adam Dunn
Sean Casey
FOR THE TWINS (Slette): an Amazing Greats Torii Hunter insert
Pack 14:
Jacque Jones
Garret Anderson
Mike Lieberthal
Jeremy Giambi
Jimmy Rollins
Larry Walker
Mike Hampton

Pack 15:
Brian Giles
Matt Lawton
Tony Armas
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Russ Ortiz
Albert Pujols
FOR THE RANGERS (Brad): a Box Score Debut Hank Blalock (1029/2002)
Pack 16:
Eddie Guardado
Ivan Rodriguez
Dmitri Young
Scott Rolen
Moises Alou
Troy Glaus
FOR THE PHILLIES (Slette): an Elio Serrano prospect (0106/2499)
Pack 17:
Torii Hunter
Roger Clemens
Aubrey Huff
Jose Vidro
Greg Vaughn
John Olerud
Pedro Martinez

Pack 18:
Juan Pierre
Nomar Garciaparra
Corey Patterson
Eric Chavez
Juan Gonzalez
FOR THE ASTROS (Greg): a Bat Rack Jeff Bagwell/Lance Berkman/Craig Biggio triple bat (178/300)
Here’s a set I’ve always been a fan of. There are three long strips of bat behind bat-shaped windows. To me, this insert is a result of the game-used craze of this decade meeting the originality of the 90’s. I love it! All of the Bat Rack trios are numbered to 300, but there are also quad Bat Racks numbered to 150.

The drawing for the box set is coming shortly…

OSGB: 2002 Fleer Box Score Packs 7-12

Here are the middle six packs of the Fleer Box Score box.

Pack 7:
David Eckstein
Al Leiter
Jeromy Burnitz
Mo Vaughn
Frank Thomas
Brad Radke
FOR THE BRAVES (Brian): an Amazing Greats Chipper Jones insert
Pack 8:
Jeff Cirillo
Luis Gonzalez
Barry Bonds
Shawn Green
Robert Fick
FOR THE MARINERS (Patricia): an Amazing Greats Kazuhiro Sasaki jersey
Pack 9:
Jason Giambi
Mark Buehrle
Geoff Jenkins
Tino Martinez
Brian Jordan
Tony Clark
FOR THE METS (MMosley): a Box Score Debut Satoru Komiyama insert (1282/2002)
Here are one of those unique inserts I was talking about. The back reads:

“This card contains an actual piece of the box score from Satoru Komiyama’s debut game, provided courtesy of USA TODAY BASEBALL WEEKLY.”

Pack 10:
Mike Piazza
Wade Miller
Kevin Brown
Edgar Martinez
Carlos Delgado
Roy Oswalt
Brad Radke

Pack 11:
Jeff Suppan
Al Leiter
David Wells
Todd Helton
Javier Vazquez
Mark Mulder
Jim Thome

Pack 12:
Pat Burrell
Jeff Cirillo
Jamie Moyer
Mark Grace
Jason Kendall
Daryle Ward
FOR THE ASTROS (Greg): a Rodrigo Rosario prospect (1888/2499)
Just six packs to go!

OSGB: 2002 Fleer Box Score Packs 1-6

Here it is folks, the final box of our Old School Group Break. I selected 2002 Fleer Box Score to finish off the break for a couple of reasons. First, despite having an awful-looking base set, there are some unique inserts/game-used cards that I thought you folks might find interesting. Secondly, there are 3 game-used cards per 18 pack box and a special boxtopper that contains 40 serially numbered cards PLUS one game-used card. This boxtopper is the surprise I mentioned earlier and will go to one of you as well, but I’ll save that for the end. Let’s get to the packs.

Pack 1:
A.J. Burnett
C.C. Sabathia
Matt Morris (What? It should’ve been Mark Teixeira to complete the pattern.)
Greg Maddux
Trevor Hoffman
Preston Wilson
FOR THE RANGERS (Brad): an Amazing Greats insert of Rafael Palmeiro
These Amazing Greats inserts also come with a jersey variation (that we’ll probably see later), a dual jersey variation, and a patch variation (/150).

Pack 2:
Jay Gibbons
Curt Schilling
Paul LoDuca
Cliff Floyd
Toby Hall
FOR THE ASTROS (Greg): a Press Clippings Jeff Bagwell jersey
There’s actually a much harder to find version of this card that DOESN’T have jersey swatch, ironic huh?

Pack 3:
Ryan Klesko
Shannon Stewart
Alex Rodriguez
Phil Nevin
Craig Biggio
Paul Konerko
Kerry Wood

Pack 4:
Johnny Damon
Richie Sexson
Chipper Jones
Billy Koch
Randy Johnson
Chris Singleton
Ray Durham

Pack 5:
Pokey Reese
Jorge Posada
Rich Aurilia
Jim Edmonds
Tim Hudson
Bret Boone
FOR THE DIAMONDBACKS (Jeff): a First Edition Luis Gonzalez parallel (027/100)
By the way, these are what the base look like. The First Edition parallel just has foil in the gray areas.

Pack 6:
Mike Piazza
David Justice
Darin Erstad
Eric Milton
John Smoltz
Ben Grieve
FOR THE RED SOX (Adam): a Jorge De La Rosa prospect (0601/2499)
Another card for Adam. He certainly won’t be in the drawing for the box set. There are plenty more goodies in this box so stay tuned.