OSGB: 2002 Fleer Box Score Packs 7-12

Here are the middle six packs of the Fleer Box Score box.

Pack 7:
David Eckstein
Al Leiter
Jeromy Burnitz
Mo Vaughn
Frank Thomas
Brad Radke
FOR THE BRAVES (Brian): an Amazing Greats Chipper Jones insert
Pack 8:
Jeff Cirillo
Luis Gonzalez
Barry Bonds
Shawn Green
Robert Fick
FOR THE MARINERS (Patricia): an Amazing Greats Kazuhiro Sasaki jersey
Pack 9:
Jason Giambi
Mark Buehrle
Geoff Jenkins
Tino Martinez
Brian Jordan
Tony Clark
FOR THE METS (MMosley): a Box Score Debut Satoru Komiyama insert (1282/2002)
Here are one of those unique inserts I was talking about. The back reads:

“This card contains an actual piece of the box score from Satoru Komiyama’s debut game, provided courtesy of USA TODAY BASEBALL WEEKLY.”

Pack 10:
Mike Piazza
Wade Miller
Kevin Brown
Edgar Martinez
Carlos Delgado
Roy Oswalt
Brad Radke

Pack 11:
Jeff Suppan
Al Leiter
David Wells
Todd Helton
Javier Vazquez
Mark Mulder
Jim Thome

Pack 12:
Pat Burrell
Jeff Cirillo
Jamie Moyer
Mark Grace
Jason Kendall
Daryle Ward
FOR THE ASTROS (Greg): a Rodrigo Rosario prospect (1888/2499)
Just six packs to go!

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  1. That box score card is pretty interesting.

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