Old School Hits: 1998 E-X 2001 Destination Cooperstown


In the 90’s there were a select few inserts that fell in packs at extremely rare odds.  One example were the HoloGrfx Inserts I mentioned earlier at 1:1500 packs.  I’ll talk more about these next week 😉  Another example are Cramer’s Choice inserts from Pacific.  These came in at a rate of 1:720 packs.   You would like to think that an insert that is that hard to find in sealed boxes would not only get you really pumped over pulling one, but have the looks of something extremely unique.

Here we have one of those types of cards.  These inserts, Destination Cooperstown, come from Fleer E-X2001 and fall at 1:720 packs.  This being a case hit, makes them very hard to come by if you can even find a loose box of this stuff.  They are the only card other than Pacific’s Ornaments inserts that come with a piece of string attached to them.

Just imagine what this would look like inside a sealed pack?!  This set features 15 of the game’s top players and were made to resemble luggage tags.   Finding a copy of this card with the original string is even harder which makes this Alex Rodriguez one of my rarest cards I own to date.

They tend to sell anywhere from $45 to $400, which is what a Griffey sold for in June.  Here is the checklist for those that might be targeting one of these for your collection.  I’d like to thank chippercards.com from the Freedom Card Board forum for selling this to me.  He’s an awesome guy!


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  1. Great looking cards!! Whoops on including Jose Cruz Jr. and Hideo Nomo in the set – not a bad call on the rest of the set though.

  2. Yeah I’m not sure what happened there but they were definitely polarizing figures when this set was released!

  3. The love the 2001 Pacific Cramer’s Choice cards. What were the odds of finding a styrene or canvas???

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