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A Few NEW SCHOOL Breaks!

As you probably all know, the majority of boxes I break are from the 1990’s and early 2000’s and are broken specifically for this blog. However, every once in a while I get the urge to bust something (fairly) new so I recently placed an order with Chris of The Hobby Box aka chri5784, one of Youtube’s most prolific box breakers. I ordered a box of the brand new 2008-09 SP Authentic Hockey, a box of 2007 UD Masterpieces Baseball and a tin of 2007 Sweet Spot Classic. These were busted on video for all to see, and here it is…

Nearly hitting the 11-minute mark, the video is a little long so here’s a summary of what was pulled:

2007 UD Masterpieces Baseball:

Box Topper: Billy Butler
Green Border: Roberto Clemente, Travis Hafner, Tom Glavine, Albert Pujols, and one last one who I want to say is Josh Beckett (wasn’t called out by Chris)
Black Border /99: Ty Cobb
Blue Border /50: Howie Kendrick
Captured on Canvas Jerseys: Hank Blalock, J.J. Hardy, Jake Peavy
Stroke of Genius Autograph: Carlos Quentin

2008-09 SP Authentic Hockey:

Limited Parallel /100: Johan Franzen
Notables /999: Marian Gaborik, Mike Bossy, Daniel Briere, Evgeni Malkin
Holo F/X: Vincent Lecavalier, Marc-Andre Fleury
Future Watch /999: Nathan Gerbe, Tom Sestito
Future Watch AUTOGRAPHS /999: Brian Lee, Zach Bogosian
Sign of the Times Autograph: Jakub Voracek
Future Watch Limited Autographed Patch /100: Alex Pietrangelo

2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic Baseball:

Manufactured Lettermen /25: Ernie Banks “N” (this replaced the two base cards)
Game-used Jerseys: Eddie Murray, Tony Oliva
Leather Signatures Blue Ink /25: NOLAN RYAN

Overall, I was very pleased with the breaks. Everything will be available for trade with the exception of the Ryan autograph. As always, thanks for looking and good luck with your own breaks!

OSGB: 2002 SP Authentic Packs 19-24

It’s time to put this box to rest. Here are the final six packs of the 2002 SP Authentic box.

Pack 19:
Frank Thomas
Shannon Stewart
Torii Hunter
Miguel Tejada
Mike Lowell

Pack 20:
Barry Bonds
Alfonso Soriano
Jeff Conine
Chipper Jones
FOR THE RANGERS (Brad): a Future Watch Travis Hughes (0264/1999)
Pack 21:
Jose Vidro
Bernie Williams
Hank Blalock
Bobby Abreu
Matt Morris

Pack 22:
Sean Casey
Freddy Garcia
Roberto Alomar
FOR THE BRAVES (Brian): a Greg Maddux jersey
We have another hit for the Braves. Unfortunately, they badly miscut the jersey on this card. Still, you can’t go wrong with Maddux.

Pack 23:
Alex Rodriguez
Adam Dunn
Randy Johnson
Brian Giles
Corey Patterson

Pack 24:
Bret Boone
Vladimir Guerrero
Jason Giambi
Dmitri Young
Darin Erstad

Two boxes down, one to go. Our final box, the “mystery” box, is bound to supply us with some star hits. I’ll break that later this afternoon/evening and will hold the random drawing for the surprise I mentioned before. Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up with this so far!

OSGB: 2002 SP Authentic Packs 13-18

Let’s keep this thing going. Here’s the third quarter of our 2002 SP Authentic box.

Pack 13:
Edgar Martinez
Corey Koskie
Eric Chavez
FOR THE BRAVES (Brian): a Prospects Signature card of Steve Torrealba
Finally, a hit for the Braves! Enjoy it Brian.

Pack 14:
Andruw Jones
Nomar Garciaparra
Kevin Brown
Roger Clemens

Pack 15:
Larry Walker
Shawn Green
Kenny Lofton
Scott Rolen
Sammy Sosa

Pack 16:
Freddy Garcia
Roberto Alomar
Jason Kendall
Kerry Wood
Eric Milton

Pack 17:
Juan Gonzalez
Jeff Kent
Lance Berkman
Craig Biggio
Rafael Palmeiro

Pack 18:
Rich Aurilia
Roy Oswalt
Mark Buehrle
Ben Grieve
Josh Beckett

OSGB: 2002 SP Authentic Packs 7-12

Pack 7:
Lance Berkman
Alex Rodriguez
Gary Sheffield
Mike Lowell
Chipper Jones

Pack 8:
Adam Dunn
Randy Johnson
Troy Glaus
FOR THE ATHLETICS (Ted): a Future USA Watch Landon Powell (1771/1999)

FOR THE WHITE SOX (Adam): a Future Watch Kyle Kane (0767/1999)

Powell is currently in the Oakland Athletics’ farm system so that card will go to Ted. Adam picks up another card with this Kyle Kane Future Watch card.

Pack 9:
Edgar Martinez
Pat Burrell
Mo Vaughn
Gary Sheffield
Manny Ramirez

Pack 10:
J.D. Drew
Bobby Higginson
Barry Zito
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Mark Prior

Pack 11:
Greg Maddux
Pedro Martinez
Jeromy Burnitz
Tim Hudson
Mike Hampton

Pack 12:
Hideo Nomo
Derek Jeter
Joe Mays
Carlos Delgado
FOR THE INDIANS (MMosley): a Future USA Watch Michael Aubrey (0957/1999)
Aubrey is currently in the Cleveland organization so this card goes to MMosley. We’re currently halfway through this box. There’s still a game-used and an autograph somewhere here. Good luck everyone!

OSGB: 2002 SP Authentic Packs 1-6

Here is box 2 of our Old School Group Break, 2002 SP Authentic. Hopefully, this box will spread the hits out a little more than Leaf Certified did. Let’s get started.

Pack 1:
C.C. Sabathia
Mike Piazza
Corey Koskie
Eric Chavez
Phil Nevin

Pack 2:
Ben Sheets
Carlos Beltran
Sean Burroughs
Albert Pujols
FOR THE PIRATES (Brad): a Future Watch Mike Gonzalez (0556/1999)
Yes, the same Mike Gonzalez who saved 14 games for the Braves last season.

Pack 3:
Richie Sexson
Randall Simon
Troy Glaus
Todd Helton
FOR THE TWINS (Slette): a Future Watch Kevin Frederick autograph (884/999)
Pack 4:
Mike Sweeney
Preston Wilson
Jeff Bagwell
Curt Schilling
Magglio Ordonez

Pack 5:
Ivan Rodriguez
Rich Aurilia
Jim Thome
Sean Casey
Luis Gonzalez

Pack 6:
Roy Oswalt
Juan Gonzalez
Jeff Kent
Mark Buehrle
Ben Grieve

One hit down, two to go, plus the Team USA cards. Hopefully, we can keep spreading the hits around.