The Best of OSB

When I finally reached my 100th post, I decided to compile a list of what I considered to be the best Old School Breaks posts ever. Below is a list that features not only some of my own favorites, but some of the more popular posts as well. Posts are arranged in chronological order and I have included special notes for each. Enjoy!

1. 1998 Flair Showcase Review [4/10/08]

Notes: Here’s where it all began, the very first “old school break!” This was my second-ever post on this site. It was a little on the sloppy side and didn’t follow the typical formula I use when writing up a review.

2. 1999 Finest Series 1 Jumbo Review [4/11/08]
Notes: I’ve always felt this was a strong post. When I first exposed this blog to members of The Bench forum, it got great reviews. It was after reading this post that people were telling me that they loved my blog and learned things about products they never knew but wanted to know. It was at this time that I decided I wanted this blog to stay.

3. 1997 Pinnacle Certified Review [4/13/08]
Notes: This post has always been one of the top two most popular reviews on my site. It all started when Mario of Wax Heaven helped my blog get off the ground with this post. Mario was one of the main reasons (if not THE reason) I started my blog in the first place and to receive the praise I have from him, means a great deal to me. To this day, many people still find this post while searching specifically for information about Pinnacle Certified.

4. 2000 Fleer Focus Review [4/21/08]
Notes: Along with Pinnacle Certified, this review of 2000 Fleer Focus has been a longtime favorite amongst my readers. For a while, it was actually the most read review on my site. There was a nice autograph pull in this box.

5. 1997 E-X2000 Review [5/17/08]
Notes: In this review, I went into a great amount of detail for the product’s base set, among everything else. Still, this is one of my favorites posts as well as box breaks.

6. 2000 Bowman Chrome Review [5/27/08]
Notes: In terms of popularity, this review isn’t very far behind Certified/Focus. There was a very big pull in this box, at least there would’ve been if I had ripped it 9 years ago! Plus, there’s a rookie of a very skinny Carlos Zambrano that makes it worth the look.

7. 1978 Topps Pack Review [6/15/08]
Notes: It’s 1978 Topps. It has to be on this list.

8. 1997 Donruss Elite Review [6/17/08]
Notes: A review of the inaugural Donruss Elite product. Check out the Leather and Lumber insert I pulled (and no longer have).

9. 1997 SPx Review [6/27/08]
Notes: The most viewed product review on this site happens to be 1997 SPx. Not only do tons of people find this post via search engine, but Dayf actually pimped this one out on A Pack a Day with a post about Upper Deck X.

10. 1999 Skybox Thunder Review [7/23/08]
Notes: It was fun to bust the box and even more fun to read the card backs! See the bottom of this post for examples.

11. 1977 Topps Pack Review [7/26/08]
Notes: See #7.

12. Do You Remember YOUR First…? [10/31/08]
Notes: Reminiscing about my first game-used card…

13. Blog Bat Around: What Centers My Yankee Universe? [12/16/08]
Notes: This has been my only contribution to the Blog Bat Around to date. This post details the connection I had with my (now deceased) father and one unforgettable baseball game.

14. Do You Remember YOUR First…? (Signature Edition) [01/06/09]
Notes: My cousin picks out a pack that contains my first-ever autographed card.

15. 2000 SPx Baseball Review [1/8/09]
Notes: Greatest “extra hit” ever. Period.

16. 1999 Finest Series 2 Review [01/25/09]
Notes: The follow-up to #2, only not in jumbo form.

17. 1996 Stadium Club Series 1 Retail Review [2/22/09]
Notes: I introduced a new box rating system in this post.

18. 2000 UD Legends Review [3/7/09]
Notes: Awesome product. This was voted by you, the readers!

19. 2001 UD Decade 1970’s Review [5/11/09]
Notes: A blogosphere favorite.

20. 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Review [5/26/09]
Notes: The most expensive break I’ve done…so far.

21. 2001 Topps Gold Label Review [7/22/09]
Notes: I just love writing about Gold Label and love busting it more!

22. 1997 SP Review [8/6/09]
Notes: This box was on my wantlist for a LONG time! This was also when I started to alter the format of my reviews for the 8,093rd  time.

23. 2000-01 Topps Gold Label Hockey Review [3/7/10]
Notes: The first hockey box on OSB. And what a box it was!

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