Box Score Supplemental Box Drawing

I should start off by talking a little bit about this box. In every box of Fleer Box Score, there would be one mystery box which actually contained a 40-card set that was a supplement to the basic Box Score set. Every supplemental set had a print run of 2,950 and had one of five themes:

Rising Stars

The fifth theme is called Classic Miniatures and features 40 mini-sized variations of 40 players. There is also a game-used card in each box. This particular box featured:

The game-used card inside this box also happens to be a triple or quadruple relic featuring nothing but all-stars. Check out the checklist here. The cards are packed very tight and I didn’t want to rip the box open or damage anything inside so I will leave that up to the winner of this box.

Now, it’s time to announce the winner. Sadly, five people were shut out in this break (Night Owl, Sooz, Peter, Joe, and FreeAndyLaRoche). With that said, these five had their names thrown into the randomizer and one of them will win this very box. I randomized the names three times and also randomized a list consisting of four “X”s and the words “Box Set.” Whoever ended up with “Box Set” next to their name won. It’s time to reveal the winner. It is…

FREEANDYLAROCHE!!! (screenshot)
Congrats to everyone who won cards from the break. PLEASE SEND YOUR ADDRESSES TO jhollod-at-hotmail-dot-com. For those that got shut out, send me your info anyway. I’ll find something to hook you up with, even if it’s just some base of your team from this break.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun.


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  1. Rats. Shut out. I’d love the base Dodgers (Mondesi, Nomo, etc).

  2. I call Bull Hockey!
    This thing was fixed from the beginning and handled worse than the 1919 World Series!
    What do you have against Reds fans and their beloved cards? HUH?!?!?!?!

  3. And I’m looking forward to the next group break!
    Forgot to add that.

  4. i can’t find your e-mial to send you my address. Please send me a email so i can respond to it. ajpca07 AT hotmail DOT com.

  5. Everything happened so fast. These are really nice cards!

  6. WOW! Sweet luck after all!
    I got your PM on the Bench. I’ll send you my address there. Thanks again for hosting this, it was awesome!

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