The Cooperstown Grid: Winner and Solution

First off, I want to thank everyone who checked out the contest, especially those of you who tried solving the puzzle. Here’s how it worked:

The 9×9 grid was actually comprised of 9 3×3 grids with letters that, when rearranged, spelled out names of baseball Hall of Famers. In 6 of these grids, the letters spelled out a first and last name. In the other 3, they spelled out just a last name. These names were (from left to right):

Top Row: Jim Palmer, Dizzy Dean, Bob Gibson
Middle Row: Tom Seaver, Hank Aaron, Eckersley
Bottom Row: Tony Gwynn, Henderson, Newhouser

Most of you found these names, but were unsure as to what to do next. When I numbered the columns 1-9, I was hoping that someone would think outside the box and start thinking about how numbers could play a role in this puzzle. If you notice, every one of the players from the 9 3×3 grids wore a double-digit uniform number that was later retired by a Major League team. The uniform numbers of these players were actually coordinates to the letters you needed to find in order to find one last 9-letter jumble, which would lead to the identity of the mystery Hall of Famer.

Jim Palmer (22) (2nd column, 2nd box) = L
Dizzy Dean (17) (1st column, 7th box) = N
Bob Gibson (45) (4th column, 5th box) = N
Tom Seaver (41) (4th column, 1st box) = Y
Hank Aaron (44) (4th column, 4th box) = A
Eckersley (43) (4th column, 3rd box) = N
Tony Gwynn (19) (1st column, 9th box) = O
Henderson (24) (2nd column, 4th box) = A
Newhouser (16) (1st column, 6th box) = R

To see the grid again, here is the original post.

Put that all together and you get “LNNYANOAR” which when rearranged spells out the name of the secret Hall of Famer:


Jason aka “The Jaw” was the first person to correctly solve the puzzle and (like I said) will win a special prize of someone directly related to the contest. The prize is actually one that’s on its way to my house right now and will be revealed on my next installment of Old School Hits shortly.

Thanks again all! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I think I missed the original puzzle but that was quite clever – well done!

  2. I had it but i couldn’t unscramble Nolan Ryans name, i was so close.

  3. I am always amazed how absurd things like this are when I first read them and then how blatantly obvious they seem once I read the solution. Very well created contest!

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