OSGB: 2002 SP Authentic Packs 13-18

Let’s keep this thing going. Here’s the third quarter of our 2002 SP Authentic box.

Pack 13:
Edgar Martinez
Corey Koskie
Eric Chavez
FOR THE BRAVES (Brian): a Prospects Signature card of Steve Torrealba
Finally, a hit for the Braves! Enjoy it Brian.

Pack 14:
Andruw Jones
Nomar Garciaparra
Kevin Brown
Roger Clemens

Pack 15:
Larry Walker
Shawn Green
Kenny Lofton
Scott Rolen
Sammy Sosa

Pack 16:
Freddy Garcia
Roberto Alomar
Jason Kendall
Kerry Wood
Eric Milton

Pack 17:
Juan Gonzalez
Jeff Kent
Lance Berkman
Craig Biggio
Rafael Palmeiro

Pack 18:
Rich Aurilia
Roy Oswalt
Mark Buehrle
Ben Grieve
Josh Beckett

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