OSGB: 2002 Leaf Certified Packs 11-16

I’m going to just call this final portion of the box the Thoughts and Sox portion. Here’s what was pulled:

Pack 11:
Mark Grace
John Olerud
Juan Pierre
J.D. Drew
Johnny Damon (pre-caveman)
FOR THE WHITE SOX (Adam): a Mirror Red Magglio Ordonez jersey (100/150)
Adam informed me that his son collects the Palehose so I’m glad we were able to hook him up with something!

Pack 12:
Toby Hall
Jim Edmonds (sans bird’s head swatch)
Barry Zito
Rafael Palmeiro
FOR THE RED SOX (Adam): a Certified Skills insert of Nomar Garciaparra
Like the All-Certified Team inserts, these also come with the three parallels: Red (/150), Blue (/75), and Gold (/25).

Pack 13:
Jeff Kent
Mark Buehrle
Mike Sweeney
Mark Mulder
Hideo Nomo

Pack 14:
Preston Wilson
Richie “No Bermanism Needed” Sexson
Javier Vazquez
Lance Berkman
Robin Ventura

Pack 15:
Pedro Martinez
Carlos Delgado
Robert Person
Joe Kennedy (RIP)
Sammy Sosa
FOR THE RED SOX (Adam): a Fabric of the Game Pedro Martinez jersey (002/100)
So we pull an extra hit and it’s a Fabric of the Game! Awesome! Both father and son will add game-used cards to their collections. Congrats to both!

Pack 16:
Bartolo Colon
Jason Jennings
C. C. Sabathia
Jacque Jones
Brian Giles

There you have it. Box 1 of our group break yielded some very nice cards, but only three people got hits. I’m hoping that will change quickly. I’m going to take a short break and will come back with the SP Authentic box. Congrats to the winners and good luck for box 2 everyone!

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  1. What an awesome pack. I’m never this lucky. I may send all my cards to you to open for me from now on.

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