Quick Update

Any of you that open boxes, know that there is risk involved when it comes to this hobby.  Today box 3 of Ionix came in the mail at the price of $45.  I’m going to keep this short and simple…it was by far the WORST box of this product I’ve ever opened.  No parallels, no major inserts, and out of the 3 inserts I received were duplicates from the last box! Yeah I feel like I just wasted $$ but that’s the risk you take.  Safe to say that unless a box of this pops up for super cheap, that this will be the last box of Ionix I purchase 🙂 I am eyeing a box of 2000 EX or 2000 Showcase next.  I’m going to lick my wounds and post and update as to how many base sets of the 60 base cards I have from 3 boxes.


(My face while opening the last few packs…I knew I received a beatdown)

While it ended on a sour note, it was sure exciting to find a Warp Zone in box #2.  Stay tuned for an “Old School Hits” post that comes from E-X2001.  I was lucky enough to find something extremely rare that a member on Freedom Card Board was selling.  Pretty excited to write about the card here by the end of the week.

Until next time!



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