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Boredom Blaster: 2009 Topps

I know, I know. A blaster of 2009 Topps doesn’t exactly qualify as an “oldschool break,” but I just had to see for myself what the fuss was all about. Overall, I was much more impressed by this box than the Upper Deck blaster I busted a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I pulled:

Base set: I pulled 65 base cards without a single dupe. I didn’t anticipate them having a black border (or background, should’ve noted this earlier). The cards came out very clean and without dings and roller marks that several cards from UD did.

Toppstown: Brandon Webb, Evan Longoria, Johan Santana, Hanley Ramirez, Alex Gordon, Jake Peavy, Nick Markakis, Justin Morneau, and Ryan Howard. I also pulled a gold of Nick Markakis. I don’t particularly care for these, but at least they’re at least a little interesting this year. Anybody need codes?

Topps Gold (/2009): Rich Harden. The tradition continues.

Turkey Red: Shane Victorino, Ervin Santana. I have mixed feelings about Turkey Red. Overall, I’ve never really been into these cards, with the exception of 2007’s set, which I loved. I’m not unhappy that they’ve become an insert in this year’s Topps though. They certainly could’ve found something worse.

Legends of the Game: Walter Johnson, Roberto Clemente.
I think I may have found the first insert set I want to complete in 2009.

Historical Commemorative Patch (Boxloader): Ernie Banks (1962 ASG). While I loathe manufactured, non-GU letter patches (even if they ARE signed), these patch cards are pretty decent. The makeup of these cards remind me a little of those patches used in 2003 Sweet Spot Classic with the key difference being the fact that these cards commemorate past All-Star and World Series games rather than contain a mere simple team logo. A couple of other scans (along with the complete checklist) were posted on A Cardboard Problem last week. I’d have to give Topps the “thumbs up” on this set, as well as the flagship in general.