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Old School Hits: 2001 UD Sweet Spot Signatures

sweetspotEven though the concept of the autographed card on ball material didn’t originate with Upper Deck, one can say they certainly took the idea to heights that made them very popular with collectors. Today, we’ll look back at what turned out to be a pretty groundbreaking insert, the original Sweet Spot Signatures set.

Each box of 2001 Upper Deck Sweet Spot consisted of 18 packs and each box guaranteed to land a game-used jersey card, one game-used bat card, and either a game-used base card or a Sweet Spot Signature card in addition to a special cross-brand Joe DiMaggio box topper pack. This Paul O’Neill card has been one of my favorites in my personal collection for years and luckily for me, the ink on this card has managed to hold its own, which is more than you can say about some of some the cards┬áproduced in the years that followed. This card is one of 53 in the set and other subjects include Ken Griffey, Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Nolan Ryan, Stan Musial, and even cut ball cards of Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, and BABE RUTH!

Boxes of 2001 UD Sweet Spot are pretty difficult to find and when they surface, they can rarely be found for under $200 so keep in mind before you make a purchase, that your big box hit may be of Mike Lamb.

10/27 Mailday: Munson 2nd year and more

For the first time in ages, I made a trade with a good friend of mine from The Bench, a moderator, Pat, who goes by the handle “pltcards.” Pat has been my most frequent trading partner over the past 4 years or so. Every trade with him has been a pleasure and has also had some very nice cards being exchanged. This time, I traded a football lot which included a Matt Ryan autographed Rookie Premiere Materials from Absolute Memorabilia, an Eddie Royal RPM prime, and a whole bunch of other Steelers and Giants cards. In return, I picked up this:
A 1971 Topps Thurman Munson. Ok, so the condition’s a bit rough and the centering sucks, it’s still pretty cool to me! As a Yankee fan, this one’s going into the PC for sure! The second card, however, will not be headed there and will be available for trade:
For those interested, it is a 2006 UD Sweet Spot Update Bat Barrel Black Ink #123 (RC), numbered to 35 on the front. It’s a great card, but I think it’d be more appreciated elsewhere so if you’re interested, leave a comment here or shoot an email to Thanks for reading and thanks again to Pat for the trade. Boom…..outta here (will they clinch tonight?)