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Old School Hits: 2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Piece of the Action Trios

gamebattrioIn mid-2001, Upper Deck released a product named SP Game Bat Milestone Edition. Inside each pack was a Milestone, International, Bound for the Hall, Autographed, or multi-player game bat card. While the first three sets on that list represented the most common pulls (They also had a gold parallel numbered to 35), the autographed and multi-player cards were very difficult to pull, seeded at 1 in 100 packs and 1 in 50 packs respectively. The multi-player cards I speak of feature either three (as pictured) or four players per card. This card of Paul O’Neill, David Justice, and Roger Clemens is just one of 14 Trios available. For the complete Trios checklist, click here.