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About Base Cards (And My Screw Up)…

I’m currently enslaved at work at the moment, where I’ll be for the next oh…10 hours or so……so I have a quick question to our group break participants.

Do any of you NOT want your base cards or one of your team’s base cards? E-mail me or post a response here, please.

For example, let’s say you have team A and B for the break, but really only collect cards of team A. Do you want me to keep the base of team B? I’m asking because I did not expect to ship so many base cards. I failed to mention in the signup post that base cards would only be shipped if requested (like they were in my first group break). My concern was how much it was going to cost to ship each package and the amount of supplies I would need to use. In fact, I’m still waiting for more to arrive (getting very low in snap cases and team bags, somewhat low in thick loaders). Trying to not have to charge more than $15-20 per person also contributed. Plus, I should note that I’m still waiting to hear from the guy supplying us the final box, Fleer Rookies and Greats, for our break . With all that said, I’m afraid I will be forced to delay the shipping until I have returned from vacation, in other words, you guys will get your cards in about a month. Those of you who have dealt with me before know that my packages are always worth the wait and will always contain extra goods anyway! Still, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, your regularly scheduled box breaking will resume later tonight when I get home.

OSGB2: Box 4: 2003 Donruss Elite

Travis Chapman Rookie 1662/1750 (Tigers – Night Owl)
Aspirations Miguel Tejada 39/96 (Athletics – Beardy)
Passing the Torch Stan Musial/Jim Edmonds 200/500 (Cardinals – Dan)
All-Time Career Best Andre Dawson (Cubs – Shoebox Legends)
All-Time Career Best Stan Musial (Cardinals – Dan)

Career Bests Roy Oswalt jersey 442/500 (Astros – darkship)
Throwback Threads Randy Johnson hat 072/250 (Mariners – Bud)

This marks the halfway point in our break. The last 4 boxes are loaded with stuff and some teams that haven’t hit much yet (if at all) are about to blow up. Trust me. More results coming Sunday night…

OSGB 2: Box 3: 2002 Donruss Elite

Craig Biggio SP (Astros – darkship)
Jorge Posada SP (Yankees – Chuck)
Jason Romano Rookie 0952/1500 (Rangers – Play at the Plate)
Recollection Collection 2001 Luis Garcia Rookie Auto 05/25 (Red Sox – Shoebox Legends)
Status Vladimir Guerrero 37/73 (Expos – oldschoolbreaks)
All-Star Salutes Pedro Martinez 0870/1999 (Red Sox – Shoebox Legends)

Hmm, I thought these boxes delivered a little more than this. The box states that inserts are found 1 in every 7 packs! For those wondering, the Biggio and Posada are part of a 50-card chunk of the base set which are shortprinted and seeded only 2 per box. I’m a sucker for Status/Aspirations parallels so I’m cool with the Vlad…

OSGB2: Box 2: 2001 Fleer Genuine

At Large Ivan Rodriguez (Rangers – Play at the Plate)
Pennant Aggression Barry Bonds (Giants – Peterson)
High Interest Derek Jeter (Yankees – Chuck)
High Interest Ken Griffey, Jr.  (Reds – Bud)

Material Issue Scott Rolen jersey (Phillies – Dan)
Final Cut Troy Glaus jersey (Angels – Play at the Plate)
Autographics Dee Brown (Royals – darkship)
Autographics Silver Kip Wells 054/250 (White Sox – Lonestarr)

This is the third time I’ve broken a box of this and for the second time, no numbered rookies were to be found. We did get an extra insert and an extra hit in this box, a trend we’ll see plenty of later on! It was also nice to see the hits spread around this time! More results coming Saturday…

OSGB2: Box 1: 2002 Topps Gold Label

Alright guys, here we go! It’s time to reveal the results of our group break (hope the holidays treated everyone well, BTW)! Before I show off the goods, I have to remind/inform everyone of a few things:

1. I will be on vacation (and out of the country), just over a week from now. I’m desperately trying to finish our break and get the cards mailed out before I go.
2. To follow up on the last post, I have decided to go with 2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats (3 hits/5 #d rookies, lots of good stuff per box) as our replacement for the 2002 Bowman’s Best box that no one seems to have, at least at a reasonable price.
3. The other 7 boxes arrived yesterday and after lengthy fighting with my stupid camera, I was never able to record the breaks so I did them off camera. I want to assure everyone that all inserts, parallels, and hits pulled will be scanned and mailed out (except for the Donruss WS Blues which will be mailed but not scanned).
4. I will reveal the results of our break 2 boxes at a time (suspense!). Check back every evening to see how your teams did.

First up, the results of 4 bonus packs of 2009 UD Series 1, courtesy of Dave and Adam’s.

’75 OPC Matt Kemp (Dodgers – Night Owl)
’75 OPC Joba Chamberlain (Yankees – Chuck)
Stars of the Game David Wright (Mets – Joe M.)
Rivals Roy Halladay/Joba Chamberlain (Blue Jays/Yankees – Captain Canuck has the Jays, but I really doubt he’d want Joba in his mailbox so….this goes to Chuck?)
Rivals Jim Thome/Justin Morneau (White Sox/Twins – Lonestarr)
Documentary #4941 (Phillies – Dan)
20th Anniversary Inserts Bill Clinton, Voyager 1 (EDIT: Claimed by Peterson)

Now for the good stuff, the Gold Label!

Gold Al Leiter 069/500 (Mets – Joe M.)
Gold Curt Schilling 479/500 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)
Gold J.T. Snow 387/500 (Giants – Peterson)
Platinum Steve Finley 018/250 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)
MLB Award Ceremony Roger Clemens uniform (Red Sox – Shoebox Legends)
MLB Award Ceremony Ryne Sandberg bat (Cubs – Shoebox Legends)