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So I joined one of those ‘Group Break’ things…

I don't want these...

I don't want these...

….and this was what I got. The group break, which was hosted by Youtube’s “thepackripper,” was for 10 tins of 2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic and a box of Topps Sterling. For those unaware of the group break concept, basically a person pays a fixed amount of money for a “spot” in the break (they can buy multiple spots if they choose). Each team in the league of the product’s sport is represented by these “spots.” When all spots have been filled to cover all of the teams, a random drawing is held to assign a team (or teams) to each person who bought in. The person would then receive any autographs, game-used, numbered cards (basically anything but base – except in higher end products) that were pulled of their team.

Anyway, I ended up with the Red Sox, which turned out to be a pretty good draw. I ended up receiving the following cards:
1. Luis Tiant base card (052/575)
2. Luis Aparicio Classic Memorabilia jersey
3. Jim Rice Signatures Red Stitch Black Ink (016/175)
4. Dwight Evans Signatures Barrel Blue Ink (48/75)

Unfortunately, I can’t stand the Sox so these cards have to go. If anyone wants to take the lot as a whole, let me know. Thanks for reading!