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Old School Hits: 1997 Fleer Diamond Tribute


In the 90’s it wasn’t game used or autographs that were the more sought after cards.  It was the rare inserts and parallels that collectors paid the big bucks for.  As a kid you were happy just pulling an insert seeded 1:9 packs rather than one that came at a rate of 1:100 packs or more.  Luckily for me and my quest to put an Alex Rodriguez collection back together that I could have only dreamed of as a kid, I am now able to purchase and hold some of the rarities of the 90’s including this beauty that came from 1997 Fleer Series 2.

Seeded at a rate of 1:288 packs, these inserts made purchasing series 2 worthwhile as they are visually pleasing for any 90’s collector.  You have a very reflective foil background with raised bumps on the card.  That coupled with the gold, foil named at the bottom, make this one of the better inserts fleer put out in the 90’s!

Stay tuned for another update soon! I have one of the rarest inserts from the 90’s seeding wise coming up next.  I’m looking forward to the readers following my progress of obtaining my collection once again.  Thanks for checking the blog out!