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Mailday Flairicana!

With a title like that, I suppose you’d assume that I acquired a Ric Flair autograph from Donruss Americana but that isn’t the case. However, I did acquire my first-ever autograph from the Americana line, a Private Signings card of John C. McGinley numbered to 50.

McGinley, a veteran of film, TV, and Broadway has been one of my favorite actors for a long time. He has appeared in tons of films such as Platoon, Wall Street, Se7en, The Rock, and Office Space but younger fans would immediately recognize him as Dr. Perry Cox from the hit show, Scrubs. Check out Mr. McGinley’s impressive resume at the IMDb.

The second part of this mailday features a pair of cards from a set I’ve been chasing for well over a year (closer to two actually). Those that have been paying attention to this blog know what I’m talking about…

With only 250 possible sets available, completing the Row 0 set from 1998 Flair Showcase has certainly been quite the challenge! With the acquisitions of two of the higher-tiered cards: Nomar Garciaparra (126/250) and Scott Rolen (184/250), I am now only three cards away from completion.

The three that I am missing are Mark McGwire, Frank Thomas, and Livan Hernandez.

And the Next “Old School” Break Will Be…(Poll Results)

One week ago, I asked you to vote on my next box break. There were three choices: 1994 Flair Series 2, 1996 SPx, and 2000 UD Legends. While I did not mention a deadline, I figure enough time has passed and would like to announce that the winner was 2000 UD Legends!!!

The Final Standings:
1994 Flair S2: 17 votes
1996 SPx: 8 votes
2000 UD Legends: 20 votes

Flair and Legends ran a very close race throughout, but Legends pulled it out. Due to popular demand, I will bust 1994 Flair Series 2 in the future but for now, it’s all about the Legends!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll.