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1999 E-X Century Baseball Review

For those that were wondering:
1) I am not dead.
2) I have not been abducted by aliens.
3) I have not abandoned this blog.

Now that that’s out of the way, I present you with my latest box break, 1999 E-X Century. Seeing how I had already broken E-X2000 and E-X2001 TWICE, how could I not bust this? The “E-X200(x)” line, which started in 1997, was renamed “E-X Century” for 1999, but the product remained the same. There were 3 premium cards per pack and 18 packs per box. Originally, these went for about $6 a pack, but I recently bought a box for about $30. Here’s what I got…

Base cards: The base set is comprised of 120 cards. Cards 1-90 make up the short set while cards 91-120 are shortprinted prospects which are seeded in every other pack on average. The base cards have the same type of clear plastic surface used in the previous year’s E-X. In total, I received 44 short set cards and 9 shortprints, with no duplicates. The shortprinted cards were nothing special, with the only notable players being Adrian Beltre and Trot Nixon.

E-XQuisite (1:18 packs): The most common insert found in this product is called E-Xquisite. Falling at a rate of 1 per box, these cards feature a black border and a smoky background. I pulled a Jeremy Giambi, which normally wouldn’t elicit any excitement, but when we flip it over………………PSEUDO-GANGSTER BACK!!! Are you reading this, Mr. Harris?

“We’re givin’ it up for ya, J.G….’cause we like what we see. You already tore it up in Triple-A, smackin’ 20 dingers in ’98. Brother, please. You’re bound to thrive in K.C. You’ve been showin’ us all in the Show-Me State, and we’re convinced.”

Good ol’ Skybox.

What WASN’T Pulled: Yeah, seriously, I’m at this part of the review already. Well, you can’t talk about old E-X without mentioning the Essential Credential Now and Future parallels. In 1999, the Now and Future parallels featured silver and gold backgrounds respectively. The print runs for the “Now” cards were equal to the card’s number in the set. The print runs for the “Future” cards were based on the card’s number, subtracted from 121 (#1 would be limited to 120, #2 to 119, and so on).

Favorites for Fenway ’99 – a star-studded 20-card set with inserts that can be found in every other box. Speaking of the ’99 ASG, who could ever forget those pre-game festivities?

Milestones of the Century is a 10-card set commemorating milestones reached by the likes of players like Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and even the New York Yankees team. The print runs vary by milestone and range between 17 and 400. For example: McGwire (70 – ’98 HR total), Bonds (400 – 400 career home runs and stolen bases), Yankees (114 – ’98 regular season wins).

This was also the first time E-X offered game-used cards, shoe pieces to be exact, in the Authen-Kicks set. There were 9 players in this set and the print runs ranged from 160-205. Some players include Todd Helton, Troy Glaus, Scott Rolen, and J.D. Drew. Autographed cards of J.D. Drew were also randomly inserted in this set.

Final Thoughts: You aren’t guaranteed a whole lot when you open a box of this product and I didn’t get much. I pulled one insert in this box and it was of Jeremy Giambi. That should tell you something. Despite receiving a dud of a box, I still wasn’t disappointed. Being an old Fleer fanatic (as well as a glutton for punishment), I like this set now as much as I did back then and will probably bust another box in the future with the intentions of putting the set to rest. If you liked flashy cards from the 90’s, this product is for you. You just might want to break more than 1 box!

As always, thanks for reading and good luck with your own breaks!