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2000 Fleer Focus Baseball Box 3

Here are the results of my third box of 2000 Fleer Focus, the first box sent to me from Peter of Dropped Third Strike.

Base: Tons. I must have at least two complete base sets by now.

Prospects: Adam Piatt (3318/3999)

Masterpiece Mania (/300): Charles Johnson (158/300) and Paul O’Neill (015/300)!

Focal Points (1:6 packs): Mike Piazza, Chipper Jones, Tony Gwynn, Ken Griffey, Jr.

Future Vision (1:9 packs): Vernon Wells, Lance Berkman, Rick Ankiel

Focus Pocus (1:14 packs): Juan Gonzalez

Club 3000 (1:36 packs): Steve Carlton

Final Thoughts: Compared to the previous two boxes, this one contained one less prospect card and one less Focus Pocus insert. However, it did contain one extra Masterpiece Mania parallel and it happened to be of a player I collect, Paul O’Neill! What are the odds?!? Despite the rest of the box being a bit lackluster, pulling a ‘PC’ card is always a huge plus!

Final Grade: B

The Next Box Breaks Will Be SPONSORED By…

Peter of Dropped Third Strike.

Let me clairfy.

First, this has nothing to do with the You Make the Call! poll I have stickied to the front page. I will keep that open for a few more days and would still like your input if you haven’t already voted.

Secondly, I want to make one thing clear. Every box (or blaster) that you’ve ever seen on this blog has been busted and paid for by yours truly (with the exception of one guest review). I have never once asked for any sorts of donations and I never will.

Anyway, Peter had e-mailed me a short time ago expressing his desire to send me a box to break on this blog. I had sent Peter some prizes from the impromptu contest I held in January, some UD Timelines set fillers, and most recently, a stack of nearly 20 YSL cards.

In return, he sent TWO of these (photo borrowed from this auction):
The box above is of 2000 Fleer Focus. You may remember that I have already busted some of that product not once, but twice:

Fleer Focus Box #1

Fleer Focus Box #2

I will bust one box later today and the other tomorrow morning and post the scans/results here. For an in-depth review of the product, check out the link to Box #1. Thanks a ton for this Peter! This was way more than I anticipated!