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2009 Topps Heritage Blaster!

The local WalMart finally got some blasters in and I couldn’t resist. Here’s a quick recap of the goods.

Base set: I pulled 59 base cards without duplicates. However, none of these base cards were of the shortprinted variety. If anyone is looking for certain players/teams, I’ll be happy to send them out.

News Flashback: John F. Kennedy

Then and Now: Whitey Ford/C.C. Sabathia

Chrome: Lou Marson (1131/1960)

Clubhouse Collection: J.D. Drew jersey

All in all, not a bad little blaster. It was a little unusual to not see any SPs, but considering the fact that I’m not committed to completing the set, it didn’t bother me much. It was nice to pull a relic as well, especially one containing a swatch with a little personality to it. Everything from this box will be available for trade.