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Last Week’s Mail

Last week, I had some of my best maildays in quite a while. When the boxes for the group break weren’t in my P.O. Box, these cards were. I was able to add about a dozen or so cards to my personal collection. Above are a few of the highlights (from right to left):

1995 Score Platinum Team
2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Relics Rainbow (12/25)
1998 Donruss Signature Century Marks Autograph (0055)

A few quick notes: the Fan Favortes relic looks really strange in the scan. The “gray” bars at the top and bottom of the card are actually a dark red color. The card also has a refractor-like finish and is numbered to just 25. The Century Marks card has a print run of 100 and was one of my most wanted cards. Despite the fact that 100 copies are the quivalent of say 1,000 copies by today’s standards, these cards still go for quite a bit of scratch. A Tony Gwynn recently ended for $85. There are several others in eBay stores with price tags of $25/ea. per common player. I paid $36 for my Paul O’Neill card, which was a little more than my ideal price. Given the fact that these cards rarely pop up (and he was a Yankee during their last “dynasty”)  though, it certainly could’ve been worse.

The final card came from Dave of Fielder’s Choice. I already posted about this card on my other blog here, but I figured I’d post it here also (sorry for the weird cropping) because it features my favorite player and because Artifacts hockey isn’t nearly as much of an eyesore that Artifacts baseball is. I’ll save that rant for another time though.