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A Couple of Blaster Breaks…

EDIT: UD Timeline card numbers added.

No old boxes today, but I did just open blaster boxes of Stadium Club and Timeline. I had a Target gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so…why not? First, the Stadium Club:
08stadiumclubBase: Just ask.

First Day: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Ichiro, Troy Tulowitzki, Justin Verlander, John Lackey, Mike Aviles

Beam Team (Black and White): Adrian Gonzalez (35/99)

I thought this was a pretty good box. It was a nice surprise to pull the autograph, especially since it’s numbered to 99. I certainly can’t complain about that list of First Day cards either. If anyone’s looking for a certain card or set fillers, let me know.

And for the Timeline box:
08timelineBase: Just ask.

Memorabilia: Richie Sexson jersey

1992 UD Minors: 102, 111, 115, 120 (x2)

1993 SP: 315

1994 SP: 347

1994 All-Time Heroes: 139, 148, 157, 166, 180

1995 SP Top Prospects: 184, 193, 202

2004 Timeless Teams: 224, 252, 266, 287

YSL: Andy Pettitte #6161 (on hold for Bench Charity Drive)

I don’t plan on building either set so send me your wantlists! As always, thanks for reading and good luck with your own breaks!


Real Quick…

Yeah, I know this is a bit random, but who can tell me what’s wrong with this card? First one to answer correctly gets a prize!

EDIT: Night Owl was the first to give the correct answer. It was Hank Blalock who hit the winning home-run and NOT Teixeira, who wasn’t even on the All-Star roster in 2003. Peter of Dropped Third Strike will also win a prize for his creative answers.

(card belongs to Bench member lprimus)