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Guess who’s back?

Wow it’s been a long 4 years since I posted on this blog, but I think it’s time to get it going again!  I’ve recently picked up a few Alex Rodriguez inserts and I’m also purchasing a handful of 90’s boxes that I’m going to break & review on the site.  Before I spend time and money on reviewing old school wax, I would sure love to hear what you’d be interested in seeing.  I currently have 4 baseball boxes on the way to break and review: 1999 Ultra, 1999 Gold Label (retail), 1998 UD Retro, and 1999 Paramount.

It feels good to be back and have some boxes coming to relive those childhood memories! My overall plan is bust one box a week that way I don’t break the bank providing entertainment for everyone 🙂


Hi Everybody! (Plus a Question)

….(Hi Dr. Nick!)…First off, happy Labor Day to all in the blogosphere! Secondly, I just wanted to say hi to all of you and see if I still show up on your feeds haha! For those who have been wondering what I’ve been doing for the past few years, I’ve gotten married and moved into a new house ,and have just been working like hell! Unfortunately, I no longer collect Martin Brodeur or bust old boxes, yet I still do get the occasional comments and e-mails inquiring about old products so that leaves me with a question for you:

Does anyone want to become a contributor to Old School Breaks?

It’s been more than two years since the last post on this blog. In early 2012, I received an e-mail from a longtime fan of the blog asking if I’d be interested in letting someone post on the blog to “keep it alive” so to speak…Seeing how Matthew had the same interest and passion for writing about the older products that a lot of people had missed during their collecting hiatus, coupled with the fact that he was a pretty good writer, too, I gladly accepted him. Unfortunately, his schedule and other commitments didn’t afford him the time to contribute to the blog and I, myself, have been guilty of ignoring my own creation so THIS POST IS TO ONLY GAUGE INTEREST IN BECOMING A CONTRIBUTOR. If there’s interest, I may invite one or two of you to actually write for the blog! Let’s revive Old School Breaks!


To the readers of the blog,

I just wanted to update everyone on why there hasn’t been a post in the last few weeks.  As a future Elementary Educator, trying to find a job here in Alaska is tedious and take a lot of time.  I have had to step away from the blog and take care of those priorities.  However, I will be reviewing a box that I haven’t seen on a blog or reviewed anywhere.  When I was building my large Rodriguez collection 2 years ago, I came accross an insert called 1998 Team Pinnacle.  These cards are extremely hard to come by and 1998 Pinnacle Plus wasn’t overly produced.

I was fortunate enough to find a box on the bay and purchased it this morning to break for the blog.  It is my hope to come across a rare gold parallel of the Team Pinnacle inserts.  Here is an example of the inserts that Ken Griffey Jr. collector Magigpapa called, “One of the best looking inserts I’ve seen.”  This means a lot coming from one of the biggest 90’s collectors out there!


The odds are we won’t find one but I’ve always wanted the chance to open the last Pinnacle Baseball product produced.  Stay tuned later this week for the review and an update on my Rodriguez collection.  Have a great weekend!



First of all I would like to thank John in allowing me to write for his blog! A couple of years ago I was heavily into collecting 90’s inserts of Alex Rodriguez and opening products from the 90’s as well and always looked at his blog for reference in regarding sealed 90’s boxes.  Unfortunately I spent way too much money on my collection and when I moved back to Alaska I had to sell everything and got maybe a 1/4 of what it was all worth.

So here we are two years later.  John is no longer writing for the blog and I have a little free time on my hands during the weekends so I figured that I would slowly start building my collection that I enjoyed so much, as well as opening a box of 90’s product every 2 weeks.  I plan on writing about the A-Rod inserts that come in the mail.  I will not only go into detail about the insert set itself, but also go into detail about the product it came from.  I will also review each box that I open in order to continue to show that there is so much to love about cards from the 90’s than people may think.  In today’s culture of collecting, it’s all about the “hits” you pull, rather than enjoying every card that comes out of the pack.

This leads me to a little but about myself.  My dad got me into collecting when I was 7 years old.  He bought me my first pack of hockey cards then..a pack of 92-93 Upper Deck.  I remember a card of one of my favorite players at the time, Pavel Bure, came out of a pack that we opened in the car.
This is the card

What isn’t there to like about this card.  In the early 90’s very few cards were this shiny and neat to look at.  Immediately I was hooked on card collecting and through my childhood, I collected baseball, hockey, and basketball cards until 2001, when I moved to Sitka, Alaska.  For 9 years I never even thought about collecting again.  Until one day, I poked around on ebay and say how amazing cards were now.  Pieces of Jerseys in card alone with autographs and low numbered cards, made it very enticing to collect.  The worst part about collecting now, in my opinion, is the allure of flipping boxes, which drew me into a year of blowing through money I didn’t have.

Once I got out of that stage I wanted to pursue collecting my favorite player from my Mariners in the 90’s other than Joey Cora, Alex Rodriguez.  Back when my dad used to visit me in Alaska, he would bring me packs of the best set produced from the 90’s design wise, the 1996 Metal Universe set.  Nothing had been made like this set before and I was drawn in as soon as I opened a pack on saw this card:1996 Metal Universe

Is there any set now that you can get ecstatic over pulling a base card of your favorite player?  It’s either a #d parallel or “hit” or you just put it in the base pile later to be given away or thrown away.  It’s this joy that I still hold onto and that leads me to buying boxes that I could have never dreamed of obtaining in the past.

I am currently ordering a scanner/printer to scan the cards from the 90’s boxes I have purchased and opened and will get my review of each box on the blog as soon as it arrives.  As you all can imagine, everything has to be ordered online here in Sitka, as everything is priced so incredibly high..thank you Amazon for saving me! I would really appreciate some feedback from anyone who is planning on following the blog again because without the readers, there is no point in taking the time out to provide reviews on products 🙂

I will get a review of the re-start of my Rodriguez collection tomorrow and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


So….who misses me?

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry for letting this blog go dormant, but I have some exciting news for my followers (those that are still left anyway). Old School Breaks will be returning in the near future with a new contributor who has the same passion for the era of cards you’ve been reading about on this blog for years! I’ll let him introduce himself in a bit, but in the meantime, I must let everyone know that I’m (at least for now) no longer breaking boxes. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be around to moderate the site and do more contests/giveaways in the future! Make sure to bookmark or subscribe and check back soon!

And as always, thanks for reading and good luck with your own breaks!