Review coming tonight!


I’ll be reviewing one of these each night for 3 nights.  Before I decide which one to review first, are there any suggestions?  Ionix is my favorite all time set from 99 so I’m thrilled to be opening a box.  The original price on the box is $134!!

Please check back tonight at 11 pm PST for the review.



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  1. Wanted to update everyone on these boxes. I met my good friend, and fellow teacher Tony in my classroom to open these and we had a good time, especially reading the names of the “who in the heck?” rookies from bowman chrome. I made it home pretty late and have work early in the morning. When I make it home I’ll start working on the Ionix review, followed by the Thunder review. John opened 99 Chrome if you’d like to see a breakdown of that. Mine was painful haha!

  2. Looking forward to the Bowman and Ionix. Hope there are some great shiny ’90’s inserts and I can’t wait to hear the names of some of those failed ’90’s prospects from the Bowman. Failed ’90’s guys make up a good portion of my player collection and it is always nice seeing cards of them.

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