Random Night Owl Awesomeness

A little while ago, I responded to a Night Owl post, expressing interest in a certain Mickey Mantle X-Fractor he had. I don’t do a whole lot of trading, but once in a while, Greg and I usually end up making a pretty hefty Dodgers/Yankees exchange. With that said, I had yet to put together a Dodger package together for the Mantle (and what was sure to be a whole lot of other goodies) so it came as a quite a surprise when I found a package in my PO Box with his return address yesterday.

Greg had sent me nearly 90 cards, many of which were Yankee Team Set cards from 2009 and 2010 Topps. There were also cards from Topps Heritage, OPC, Topps Chrome, Opening Day, and Stadium Club. The package also contained a number of Mickey Mantle inserts that I know none of you are sick of seeing (*cough*) so I tried to limit the Mantles in this scan:

The Wang and Pettitte are Topps Chrome refractors if you couldn’t tell by the scan. It’s also a rarity when I am sent a card I’m not familiar with, but that was exactly the case with the New York, New York insert of Hideki Matsui (I also received a Wang NYNY insert). That’s what I get for not touching that OPC set I suppose. Anyway, thanks a lot Greg for another deal! Your package will be sent out early next week, when I’ll hopefully find time to actually write up a box review.

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  1. Glad they arrived safely. To me, the worst part of OPC was pulling those Yankee Stadium insert things. Glad someone enjoys them!

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