OSGB2: Box 8: 2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats

Magnificence “Blue” Parallel Reggie Jackson 197/250 (Yankees – Chuck)
Magnificence “Blue” Parallel Vernon Wells 231/250 (Blue Jays – Captain Canuck)
Magnificence “Blue” Parallel Jeff Bagwell 042/250 (Astros – darkship)
Dynamic Debuts Dontrelle Willis (Marlins – WickedOrtega)
Dynamic Debuts Rich Harden (Athletics – Beardy)

The Naturals Frank Howard (Senators/Rangers – Play at the Plate)
The Naturals Al Kaline (Tigers – Night Owl)
The Naturals Albert Pujols (Cardinals – Dan)
The Naturals Reggie Jackson (Yankees – Chuck)

Looming Large Chien-Ming Wang 040/150 (Yankees – Chuck)
Looming Large Edwin Jackson 296/500 (Dodgers – Night Owl)
Fleer Showcase Update Edwin Jackson RC 240/750 (Dodgers – Night Owl)

Fleer Authentix Update Matt Kata RC 0031/1250 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)
Fleer Authentix Update Chien-Ming Wang RC 0215/1250 (Yankees – Chuck)
Fleer Authentix Update Edwin Jackson RC 0295/1250
Fleer Genuine Upside Matt Kata RC 0724/1000 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)
Fleer Genuine Upside Robby Hammock 0698/1000 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)
Flair Future Fame Brandon Webb RC 408/500 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)

Fleer Ultra Update Delmon Young RC 0843/1500 (Devil Rays – Chris Mays)
Fleer Ultra Update Mike Hessman RC 0852/1500 (Braves – Captain Canuck)
Fleer Ultra Update Chien-Ming Wang RC 0599/1500 (Yankees – Chuck)
Fleer Ultra Update Jeremy Bonderman RC 1155/1500 (Tigers – Night Owl)

Hot Prospects Update Future Swatch Edwin Jackson pants RC 244/250 (Dodgers – Night Owl)
Boyhood Idols Bucky Dent jersey 049/615 (Yankees – Chuck)
Through the Years Randy Johnson/Brandon Webb dual jersey 342/360 (Diamondbacks – Chris Mays)

Wow, Edwin Jackson and Chien-Ming Wang dominated box 8. For those counting, that makes 25 inserts (20 packs/box). Well guys, this finally concludes Old School Group Break 2. Thanks again to everyone who participated. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’m hoping to get everything mailed out in the next few days. I know some of you want your base, but many others I have not heard from regarding those. With that said, if it’s ok with you guys, I’ll throw in some nice extras of the team I know you collect and keep the base of your secondary team (ex: I send Beardy extra Orioles cards from my tradebox instead of a bunch of A’s base), unless you’ve told me otherwise. I will be doing this a lot, especially for teams that didn’t pull as much as others. Anyway, thanks again guys!

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  1. Four Edwin Jacksons! Wow. That was worth waiting for. Even if he is a Diamondback now.

    Thanks for doing this.

  2. Play at the Plate

    Wow, D-Backs and Dodgers….and lots of them. Thanks for doing the break! I hope to get in if you do Part 3.

  3. can’t wait to see these cards from when I wasn’t collecting…
    thanks again John…

  4. Wow, that was an epic group break….so many inserts….so many boxes….

    Seriously, great stuff. If I haven’t said so, I would like the base cards of my teams. Thanks John.

  5. Thanks again, this was a blast! Keep me in mind if you do another one. I was really surprised by how many Diamondbacks there were, not so surprised by all the Yankees.

  6. I am dumbfounded that there wasn’t a single rickie weeks insert anywhere. compamies loved him 03-04. Oh well. Superb break, great posts, hell of a lot of fun and once again, I am with canuck, can’t wait to see these cards from when i wasn’t collecting.
    Thank you John.

  7. Thanks for putting this together John, great job.

  8. Goodness…the Yankees were a huge payoff. Thanks for doing the break!

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