About Base Cards (And My Screw Up)…

I’m currently enslaved at work at the moment, where I’ll be for the next oh…10 hours or so……so I have a quick question to our group break participants.

Do any of you NOT want your base cards or one of your team’s base cards? E-mail me or post a response here, please.

For example, let’s say you have team A and B for the break, but really only collect cards of team A. Do you want me to keep the base of team B? I’m asking because I did not expect to ship so many base cards. I failed to mention in the signup post that base cards would only be shipped if requested (like they were in my first group break). My concern was how much it was going to cost to ship each package and the amount of supplies I would need to use. In fact, I’m still waiting for more to arrive (getting very low in snap cases and team bags, somewhat low in thick loaders). Trying to not have to charge more than $15-20 per person also contributed. Plus, I should note that I’m still waiting to hear from the guy supplying us the final box, Fleer Rookies and Greats, for our break . With all that said, I’m afraid I will be forced to delay the shipping until I have returned from vacation, in other words, you guys will get your cards in about a month. Those of you who have dealt with me before know that my packages are always worth the wait and will always contain extra goods anyway! Still, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, your regularly scheduled box breaking will resume later tonight when I get home.


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  1. I would like to get my base cards of the Royals for sure. I don’t mind waiting, it’s kinda fun busting boxes I’ve forgotten about but still have great stuff (although I had to laugh at the Dee Brown auto! Would have been a pretty good hit back then 🙂 )

  2. Play at the Plate

    I’d be happy to ship you some cards of your favorite team in a plastic case and you can use it to ship back to me.

  3. Play at the Plate

    I’d like my base cards also. Thanks for doing this break by the way!

  4. Since you’re a lover of the Yanks, feel free to keep the Yankee base (though, I’d love it if you would send me a few Jeters and any Bernie Williams and historic players like Mick, Babe, etc). You can keep the Pirates base.

    Just in case, if there are any Marlins or Giants base that go unclaimed, I could use them. I can send you money to offset costs. Thanks for doing the break.

  5. Chuck, I can make sure you get hooked up with some Giants. Send me your addy @ my blog. I have a pack of yanks going to John(oldschoolbreaks). I will send you any giants I get that I don’t need (that will be most). (plus some extras).
    Thank god my first hit was an auto(and not too shabby, bein’ on wood n all) or I’d have nothing to put up over at my place.
    Keep it coming!

  6. Marlins are mines!!! lol the Rockies you could keep…. I feel like a got the short end of the stick,but i guess it can’t all be milk and cookies…
    So if you could just please send over the Marlins that would be great….Chuck if you want some Marlins i can send you a bunch of doubles i have just send me an email…Wicked4life20@hotmail.com

  7. timelovesahero, what’s your blog addy?

  8. why it’s signhereandhere.blogspot.com Thanks for asking chuck.

    Guys I am going through a ton of tradebait and will be on some more People’s wantlists today. Hope I get some responses…


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