OSGB2: Box 4: 2003 Donruss Elite

Travis Chapman Rookie 1662/1750 (Tigers – Night Owl)
Aspirations Miguel Tejada 39/96 (Athletics – Beardy)
Passing the Torch Stan Musial/Jim Edmonds 200/500 (Cardinals – Dan)
All-Time Career Best Andre Dawson (Cubs – Shoebox Legends)
All-Time Career Best Stan Musial (Cardinals – Dan)

Career Bests Roy Oswalt jersey 442/500 (Astros – darkship)
Throwback Threads Randy Johnson hat 072/250 (Mariners – Bud)

This marks the halfway point in our break. The last 4 boxes are loaded with stuff and some teams that haven’t hit much yet (if at all) are about to blow up. Trust me. More results coming Sunday night…

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  1. Fist pump! A quick question. Are we also receiving the base cards for our chosen teams as well? Thanks!

  2. excuse me sir… can you start showing the boxes with all the Braves? thanks.

  3. Base cards will only be sent out if requested. However, if everyone wants their base, I probably won’t be able to ship everything out until after I come back from vacation so there will be a delay (will need to order more supplies). It’s up to you guys.

  4. I’m always interested in the base cards of my team. Delays are not a problem.

    By the way, the last couple sentences of your post are reassuring. I’m staring at very little right now.

  5. I would love the base of the Reds/Mariners and don’t mind waiting. Thanks again!

  6. I’d love the base cards as well, even if it means a delay. Sorry, I just assumed they were included this whole time.

  7. I already sent an email about the need for base. Delay of any length is acceptable.
    otherwise, wow…is anyone else feelin down on their teams? let’s hope Jon ain’t messin’ with us…

  8. I know you did, Chris, and I already replied. This was directed at the others who haven’t said anything about the base cards. I’m posting the results in the exact order that I busted the boxes and I will admit it did start off pretty one-sided, but that’s how these things go sometimes. The break isn’t even close to over and like I said in the very first post mentioning the group break, nobody is going to go away empty-handed. To me, if you all end up with is some base cards and a couple low inserts, that’s empty-handed. I have tons of stuff in my tradebox (hits and nice inserts) from teams that the guys in this break collect and I will be giving them out as extras to the teams that don’t perform as well as others. I personally guarantee that nobody will feel too bad when their cards have arrived. As far as that last remark, I hope you are joking. If you have an issue, send me an e-mail. We don’t need to discuss it here.


  9. holy crap. I am so sorry. I was being completely sarcastic about “messin’ with us” …I wouldn’t have sent you money if I didn’t trust you totally, john.
    I am so serious when I say that for what I paid, the base from all of these sets will make me very happy. As I said in my email to John, hits don’t make my day, I just dig cards. again. all is well in my corner. visit me at Signhereandhere@blogspot and you’ll see I have been busy today talkin’ smack about autographs.(I have no shame to plug my own blog after picking out what I will send to John in a mailer to make up for a couple of the bucks shipping we will all create getting all the base for each team, Don’t worry, I’ve got this round guys).

  10. It’s cool, Peterson. I appreciate you sending something my way. For the record, everyone should check out:



  11. that randy johnson is sweet!

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