One Little Problem!

Alright, so apparently I missed an email sent to me a couple days ago regarding the box of 2002 Bowman’s Best which was to be part of our upcoming group break. Apparently, they were out of stock, but remained on the site. As a result, we are one short on the boxes. I’m looking for some feedback as to a replacement box or boxes. That was roughly a $100 box that we need to make up. Before anyone asks why I haven’t tried to find it elsewhere, I have! This is the second site to have ’02 BB listed on their site without having it in stock and there’s one on eBay for $175 (forget that).

I want to assure everyone that all the other boxes we are scheduled to break are on their way here. Out of the 7 incoming, is there any one of them you guys would like me to order again? If not, some other ideas I had were some ’02 Leaf Certified (3 hits/box previously broken), ’02 Playoff Piece of the Game (6 hits/box), ’03 Playoff Piece of the Game (6 hits/box), ’03 Finest (4-5 hits/box), ’03 Fleer Rookies and Greats (3 hits/box, lots of update series rookies).

If any of those in particular sound good, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just pick something that I feel would be a fair substitute. If you have any other suggestions that are in the aforementioned price range, feel free to chime in. Sorry about the inconvenience guys (next time, I’ll order the boxes first in order to avoid this crap)!

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  1. meh, order whatever is going to get us the best bang for the buck.
    and don’t worry about the delay… it just means I will have to pay attention to my family for the next couple of days.

  2. I’ll trust your judgment. They all sound good to me.

  3. my first thought is: 02 Bowman. It is the only 00’s Bowman box I haven’t broken…given that presumebaly unpopular choice, I vote for the 03 Fleer.

  4. Play at the Plate

    I’m good with whatever…

  5. As Canuck said, whatever you think is the best bang for the buck. 🙂

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