Old School Group Break 2 Team Assignments + Surprise

By now, I have heard from everyone participating in our break and I expect all payments to arrive early next week, if they haven’t already via Paypal. With that said, I have already ordered our boxes and even included one more impromptu purchase: a box of 2002 Gold Label, which I’m sure will be a favorite and will give us plenty of numbered cards and a couple of game-used to boot. To recap, our break includes:

2001: Fleer Genuine
2002: Bowman’s Best, Donruss Elite, Fleer Showcase, Topps Gold Label
2003: Donruss Elite
2004: Donruss Studio, Donruss World Series

As far as the team drawing goes, everyone ended up with at least one of their two preferred teams. Some even ended up with both! Like I said, if you were the only one to select a particular team as one of your preferred teams, you automatically received them. Anyone that listed more than two teams in their comment was automatically supplied with the first two teams they mentioned as their preferred teams. I only asked for two, not a depth chart, guys. A whopping 17 teams (Cubs, White Sox, Reds, Indians, Marlins, Astros, Royals, Brewers, Twins, Yankees, A’s, Phillies, Mariners, Cardinals, Rays, Rangers, and Blue Jays) were awarded without the use of random.org!

5 teams were decided by a battle in the randomizer. The winners are bolded (FYI, I started recording this as proof, but then realized nobody would be able to read a damn thing on the screen, rendering this idea useless).

Braves: Chris Mays, Captain Canuck
Orioles: Beardy, Peterson
Red Sox: Play at the Plate, Shoebox Legends
Dodgers: Chuck, Night Owl
Mets: WickedOrtega, Night Owl, Joe M.

If you’re counting, those make 22 teams that have been assigned. The final 8 were randomized among everyone else who was not yet assigned 2 teams. Here’s the screenshot of that.

The Bottom Line:

1. oldschoolbreaks – Padres, Expos
2. Play at the Plate – Rangers, Angels
3. Shoebox Legends – Cubs, Red Sox
4. First Day Issue – Reds, Mariners
5. Chris Mays – (Devil) Rays, Diamondbacks
6. WickedOrtega – Marlins, Rockies
7. Chuck – Yankees, Pirates
8. Night Owl – Dodgers, Tigers
9. Captain Canuck – Blue Jays, Braves
10. Beardy – Athletics, Orioles
11. darkship – Astros, Royals
12. Joe M. – Indians, Mets
13. lonestarr – White Sox, Twins
14. Peterson – Brewers, Giants
15. Dan – Phillies, Cardinals

Seeing how everyone has at least one of their preferred teams (we’ll just say mine is San Diego since I usually pull them, I deferred mine to Chuck, no, not PIT), everyone should be at least somewhat happy. Trading of teams will be allowed under the following condition: If anyone agrees to trade teams, let me know in this post before the first box is broken. Both sides must confirm the trade here.


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  1. woot! can’t wait.

    any idea when the breaks will be up? before, or after xmas?

  2. I’m hoping to get them started before Christmas, if possible. The breaks will be posted over a period of a few days.

  3. Thanks again. The Gold Label should add some nice extra loot. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  4. 1. Gold Label is a secret favorite of mine…so that’s killer.
    2. I love Irony…I got My Crew so that thrills me.
    3.I am sorta glad I lost the ‘Ohs to Beardy in the randomizer…that woulda been wierd.
    4.Richmond Flying Squirrels (Giants AA) start down the street from me in April.

    can’t wait.

  5. Thanks for giving me the Yanks, OSB. I’d consider trading but I have no desire for Expos cards. Can’t wait for the break! Huzzah!

  6. Rockies?? Where talking Rockies…. *shakes his head*

  7. I had the Rockies last time, and ended up getting 2 hits, so do not despair Senor Ortega. The only bad thing is there’s no one to trade them to.

  8. That’s what i’mm talking about…. i guess i’ll just sit and wait it out..

  9. Wicked – Regardless of how the Rocks do for you in the group break, there’s a pretty good chance the package I send you will be mostly filled with Fish anyway. 🙂


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