Group Break Closed

The roster for our group break has been completed! I’m sorry to say that I had to deny a couple people who tried to get in just a little too late. The two spots actually filled up this morning, but thanks to work, I was unable to approve the comments until the afternoon. Here’s the list:

1. oldschoolbreaks
2. Play at the Plate
3. Shane (Shoebox Legends)
4. Bud (First Day Issue)
5. Chris Mays
6. WickedOrtega
7. Chuck
8. Night Owl
9. Captain Canuck
10. Beardy
11. darkship
12. Joe M.
13. lonestarr
14. Peterson
15. Dan (The Other World)

We have an awful lot of new blood in this break. In fact, there are only 3 returning participants, Night Owl, Captain Canuck (thanks for the pub), and Beardy. Everyone has been sent an e-mail regarding payment instructions. To this point, 5 spots have been paid for, 2 are on their way TTM, and 1 will be paid off in a couple days.

To the other 7: Please let me know when to expect payment and if there’s an issue, let me know. We will not draw for teams until I have heard from all 14 of you.

Thanks guys and let’s have some fun with this!


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  1. I’ll send you my paypal payment this weekend.

  2. just paid!!! i’m in there like swimwear…

  3. wickedortega stole my line…

  4. Money being PP tonite!

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