Old School Group Break 2 OFFICIAL SIGNUP POST

Alright, everyone. Here is the OFFICIAL Signup Post for OSGB2. Here are the boxes we’ll be breaking:

1 box 2004 Donruss World Series
1 box 2003 Donruss Elite
1 box 2002 Donruss Elite
1 box 2004 Donruss Studio
1 box 2001 Fleer Genuine
1 box 2002 Fleer Showcase
1 box 2002 Bowman’s Best

Some of these boxes (but not all) will be ordered from Dave and Adam’s. Hits/inserts pulled from our bonus packs will be included.

I went a little higher than anticipated so the final price per spot will be $17. When you sign up, let me know two teams you would be interested in. Everyone picking a certain team will be entered into a random.org drawing for said team. If you are the only one who picks a certain team, you are guaranteed said team.

GIFT Paypal is preferred, but TTM payment will also be accepted. If paying TTM, you will officially earn your spot once payment clears.

Obviously, not everyone will get the teams they want, but that’s the nature of a group break. Trading will be allowed after the drawing and before the first box is broken.

I need 14 volunteers. Now. GO!


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  1. Play at the Plate

    In. Rangers and Red sox

  2. I’m in, would love Red Sox obviously. Wouldn’t mind Cubs, Brewers or Dodgers either…

  3. I’m in! I might be late to work, but it’s worth it!
    Teams: Mariners, Reds

    Thanks for putting this on!

  4. I’m in. I’d love the Braves and the Rays.

  5. Marlins,and Mets i’m also in!

  6. I’m in for the Yankees and Dodgers. Second choices: Marlins and Orioles.

  7. I’m in for Dodgers, of course. No. 2 would be Mets.

  8. you know me.. Braves and Blue Jays

  9. I’m in. First choice: Orioles, Second choice: Athletics, Third choice: Mets

  10. I’d be in for the Royals and Astros

  11. I’m in! Gotta take my Mets! I’ll take the Indians for my #2.


  12. Ooh this looks like a fun one. I have no cards from any of these, so I’ll play too. Hmm, since my potential choices are long gone, any two of the White Sox, Twins, & Giants are acceptable. You may decide which two.

  13. What email do I send my paypal payment to?

  14. It’s in the email I sent you.

    xnjdfan30x at yahoo dot com

    We still have two spots available!! I will check these comments again this afternoon.


  15. I want in! Been reading y’alls blogs for a couple years and finally have enough time to write my own.

    Plus I haven’t broken more than two of those boxes myself…


  16. brewers one,
    O’s two
    yanks three
    Bosox four

  17. Can I be in for the Phillies and Cardinals. Alternate: Twins

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