Testing the Waters AGAIN (Group Break 2)

When I (not so) triumphantly returned to the blogosphere a few weeks ago, I mentioned the desire to hold my second-ever Old School Group Break. For those that weren’t around or weren’t paying attention the first time, here’s what happened.

Earlier this year, I held a very special free group break as a “thank you” gesture to my readers. Of course, given the theme of this blog, I put my own special twist on this break. The boxes were all older than five years old (all from 2002 actually), guaranteed at least three “hits” per box, and were moderately priced. All non-base cards were given away to their appropriate team owners. Random.org was used for the team drawing and everyone was awarded two teams.

I’ve come up with a couple of scenarios for this next break. I’ll let you folks decide which you’d rather see:

Scenario 1:
-Basically the same format as the first group break
-15 spots, 2 teams per spot
-Limit 1 spot per person
-3 boxes (possibly a fourth cheap box)
-The break would be completely FREE for everyone involved

Scenario 2:
-15 spots, 2 teams per spot.
Limit 1 spot per person. I will own one of the spots.
MINIMUM of 6 boxes (likely 7, possibly even more)
-This break will cost money to enter, BUT I will be responsible for 50% of the cost. The other 50% will be divided amongst the 14 of you. Throwing some quick numbers around, this cost should come out to approximately $15 per person. I will figure out the exact numbers if this scenario is chosen, but I promise it won’t cost much more than this, if at all.

Regardless of which one is chosen, I can assure you that no one will actually go away empty-handed.

Right now, I have a list of boxes I am considering for this break. This is not an official list by any means. These are just examples of boxes that may (and some definitely will) appear in this break. Some have already been broken for this blog:

2001 Fleer Genuine
2002 Donruss Elite
2002 Fleer Box Score
2002 Leaf Certified
2002 SPx
2003 Donruss Elite
2003 Finest
2004 Donruss World Series
2004 Leaf Certified Materials
2004 UD Reflections

Again, that is not an official list. Breaks will be taped and posted here and on Youtube. Scans will be posted once the break has concluded.

Now that you’ve read all of that, leave some comments!

P.S. I will let you guys/gals know when sign-ups will be open so please do not ask to have a spot reserved for you.


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  1. i like Scenario 2…. put me down…

  2. Play at the Plate

    I would definitely be in for that.

  3. Nice! I like option 2, and I’ll be keeping my eyes open so I can sign up!

  4. Either one sounds great. The second one sounds really cool, but probably would work for me after Christmas.

  5. I honestly wouldn’t mind the second scenario. It’ll give everyone a nice stack of cards and for approximately $15, it would be hard to go wrong.

    If you’re still looking/considering boxes for the break, check out some of the Fleer Showcase releases. The base cards look great and they have some nice inserts/hits in them.

  6. I’m in for scenario 1 or 2. Sounds like a blast!

  7. I’d be game for option number 2, seems like a good gamble for $15.

  8. I would be up for either senario if I got my team and you wait till a little after Christmas. (I have 3 kids)

  9. either sounds good, although with #2 at least you won’t be absorbing ALL of the cost… so maybe go with that one. LMK when to sign up.

  10. I would be okay with scenario 2.

  11. i definately prefer option 2 also

  12. Yes please.

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