The Dreaded “H-Word”

You may have noticed that the posts have come to a screeching halt in the past couple weeks and that I haven’t posted a box break/review in nearly a month. Sadly, I’m posting this today to let everyone know that it’ll be at least a little while longer before another break is posted. Thanks to some recent surprise bills and a lack of free time lately (among other craziness), my ability to post new material to this blog and more importantly, my passion for writing this blog has been dwindling. That said, it is with regret that I announce that Old School Breaks will officially be on hiatus as of today.

I would like to assure my readers that this is definitely not the end of this blog. I will be back in due time, as soon as I can get my stuff together. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to go back and read some of the past articles they have missed, either by searching, tag cloud, or the Best Of page. For those that need their “old-school” fix, be sure to check out ’90s Box Breaks while I’m away.

Thank you for reading and I’ll (hopefully) see you in the (not so distant) future.

-John Hollod
Old School Breaks


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  1. Sorry to hear things are hectic for you right now. Take your time, get things sorted out, and then return to us when you’re ready. We’ll still be here when you do.

    Best wishes…

  2. Well, hearing that you’ll be back is reassuring. Do what you got to do. We’ll see you later!

  3. Sorry to see you go on hiatus, but I completely understand…I all but ignored my blog over the summer due to work and family but now I’ve found the time to do more posting.

    While I won’t always be doing a box break, I will still do articles on cards of the 90’s.

    Thanks for the mention to my site 🙂

  4. take care bud… hockey is just starting… if you have any free time, catch a game or ten.

  5. I’ll miss you, John, but totally understand. I’m in the same boat as you at the moment.

  6. Whew! Break/hiatus I can handle… Retirement would have sucked.

    Can’t wait for the triumphant return.

  7. Come back soon, my dear friend.
    god speed.
    You will be missed.

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