A Trade with the Night Owl

Note: An important announcement regarding this blog’s future will be posted shortly.

I haven’t done a whole lot of trading lately, but last week, Greg of Night Owl Cards and I reached a deal that sent several Dodgers his way. You can probably guess what he sent me in return. The great thing about being a Yankee fan is that people are often very willing to give away their (referring to the Yanks, of course) cards to you. Anyway, here’s a look at what Greg had sent me.

The complete list:
2007 Topps Update Gold Jorge Posada /2007
2008 Topps Update Gold Mariano Rivera /2008
2008 Topps Chrome X-Fractor Robinson Cano
2008 UD YSL #6014 Paul O’Neill
2008 UD YSL #6097 Tino Martinez
2009 Topps Chrome X-Fractor Mark Teixeira
2009 Topps Heritage Flashback Mickey Mantle
2009 Topps Career Best LegendsMickey Mantle
2009 Topps WalMart Cereal Box Mickey Mantle
2009 Topps A & G National Pride Hideki Matsui
2009 Topps A & G National Pride Alex Rodriguez
2009 Topps A & G Relic Mark Teixeira
2009 Topps A & G Relic Alex Rodriguez

Overall, I was very impressed with the lot Greg sent over. I always love getting refractors and the Teixeira card gave me my first taste of 2009 Topps Chrome. I really like it. The WalMart card was new to me as well. It’s pretty rare when I can actually trade for a Paul O’Neill card I don’t have so I was pretty happy to add the YSL to my collection (number 667 overall). Thanks a lot for this trade Greg! I’m happy I was able to “rid” you of these cards (and I’m sure you’re even happier about the fact).

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  1. Oh, I’m happy. I’m also happy that the O’Neill was one you didn’t have. I was hoping.

    I’ll be posting what you sent very soon.

  2. I LOVE the Mickey Mantle cards. They are very classy.

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