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I have another box ready for review but first, I thought I’d catch up on a mailday that I’m very late in recapping. Recently, Greg of Beardy’s Baseball Blog and I had a team swap of Orioles and Yankees. It started when I emailed him stating that I had a small lot of O’s that I wanted him to have. The lot consisted of about 10 cards, most of which you can view here. Greg more than reciprocated the favor and a bulging bubble mailer from Maryland found its way here, much to my (pleasant) surprise. Here are the contents:

chasewright“Beardy” sent me this certified autograph of Chase Wright from 2007 SP Rookie Edition. The wood theme here is inspired by the 1996 SP set. I think you all know how much I love old SP/SP Authentic sets by now. I hate sticker autographs as much as the next guy, especially when they’re placed on the card in a crooked way. However, in the case of this card, the crooked sticker actually makes the signature appear straight so I’ll make an exception this time.

Greg also sent me my first cards from 2007 SP Legendary Cuts. I have never opened any of this stuff before, but I might consider doing so now that the price has come down. I love the look of the base set. It’s black, classy, and actually has legends in it! In my opinion, this is what Legendary Cuts is supposed to look like. Personally, I wish this product would’ve gotten the axe before they made cards LIKE THIS.


Finally, here’s a look at some of the other 42 cards he sent me. There were cards from Sweet Spot Classic, Finest, Turkey Red, Spectrum, Topps ’52, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Heritage, and of course, Allen and Ginter.


Thanks for the trade and the great cards Beardy!

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  1. I’ve never seen that Reggie before. Is that from the UD 70’s Decade set?

  2. That Reggie card is fantastic.

  3. Pack Addict: It is. It’s from one of the many subsets.

    Night Owl: Did you just say something positive about a YANKEE card??? Who is this and where is the real Night Owl? lol…

  4. Who is that on the Turkey Red card on the top row?

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