Yanks From Across the Pond (Part 2)

A random Yankee-filled package arrived in my mailbox yesterday (by way of the UK) which means that John from The Pursuit of 80’s(ness) has done it again. For those that don’t know, John is a great and very generous guy. The only problem I have is finding stuff to send him in return (John collects Red Sox, which don’t last long in my house)!

This time around, John sent me a lot consisting of 42 cards from the past few decades, some even from 1970! Masterpieces, Flair, Piece of History, Score, Bowman Heritage, Fleer, Victory, and even Topps Attax were represented in this lot. Players included Derek Jeter, Mike Mussina, Don Mattingly, A-Rod, Roger Clemens, and David Con (What? That’s how it’s spelled above), among others.

Once again, I’d like to give a big thanks to John and be sure to check out his blog if you haven’t done so yet!


Posted on August 4, 2009, in Maildays and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Those are some great treats!!

  2. hey, just found this site and I like it a lot!

    I have the a-rod version of that 2001 year of the record card. havnt thought of it in years.. got it when I was a youngster. never realized how good it looks

  3. and as for the “Con” the error seems to be as common as the corrected version, but still a funny card.

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