Gint-A-Cuffs: Packs 1-4

Yes, the man who only opens old wax has signed up for Gint-A-Cuffs, finally has a box in hand, and is ready to do battle! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

N43 Boxtopper:

#N43-TL Tim Lincecum (+10)

Pack 1:
#185 Dustin Pedroia (+2)

#99 Chris Duncan
#140 Loren Opstedahl
#173 Francisco Rodriguez
#66 Alex Rodriguez (-1)
#132 Anna Tunnicliffe
Mini #262 Magglio Ordonez
National Pride #NP32 Rich Harden

Total: 1. Yikes.

Pack 2:
#2 Zack Greinke
#57 Frank Evans (+2)

#224 Tim Lincecum (+2)

#76 Brandon Phillips
#325 Dioner Navarro SP (+5)

Baseball Highlights Sketch Card #AGHS23 Brad Lidge (+3)

Mini A & G Back #124 Donald Veal (+2)

National Pride #NP33 Hanley Ramirez (+4)

Total: 18.
Now, that’s more like it!

Pack 3:

#267 Melvin Mora
#221 Brandon Webb
#46 Brian Roberts (+2)

#117 Blake DeWitt
#297 Kolan McConiughey
#49 Ubaldo Jimenez
Mini #184 Chris Young
National Pride #NP34 Nick Markakis (+4)

Total: 6. Well, that was a very “Beardy-riffic” pack, now wasn’t it?  Unfortunately, it only added up to 6 points for me.

Pack 4:

#193 Khalil Greene
#175 Alfonso Soriano
#219 Nate McLouth
#235 Roy Oswalt
#15 Alfred Nobel
#311 Gavin Floyd SP (+5)

Mini #115 Ryan Doumit
National Pride #NP35 Manny Ramirez

Total: 5

Running Box Total: 40


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  1. Do the PETA people boycott the Pirates and Donald Veal?

  2. That is a really nice box topper. The bat fronds are excellent.

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