A Shark-Infested Mailday

I very rarely participate in group breaks anymore but when I saw a break for some 2007-08 Sweet Shot Hockey for fairly cheap, I decided to give it a shot. The break was held by ‘arplatinum‘ from Youtube and I ended up drawing the San Jose Sharks. Here’s a look at my haul:

The first card was an event-used triple jersey rookie card of center Torrey Mitchell. It’s a common but it is serially numbered to 599 and the swatches are great with a trio of colors (much better than the boring white)!

The second card I got from the break was one of the lowest-numbered of the case, a Signature Shots Stick Signings of Jonathan Cheechoo (08/25). The stick isn’t game-used and Cheechoo has one of the worst autographs in recorded history, but it still looks awesome. This card is currently in a pending transaction.

The final card is my personal favorite. It’s a Signature Shots Ice Signings Autograph of Joe Thornton (037/100). I love the design of these cards and the fact that the “rink” gives the player ample space to sign. Good job UD (yes, I actually said that).

EDIT: These cards have all been traded.

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  1. yeah, that Thornton is a nice looking auto

  2. That Thornton is fantastic – I love the rink as a signature area.

  3. I collect the Sharks… email me if you’re interested in selling or trading.

  4. I knew I had a reader that collected Sharks. E-mail coming…

  5. Thorton = awesome

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