UD Decade 1970’s Contest!

In the previous post, I mentioned that the next box break would be 2001 UD Decade 1970’s and that there would be a little contest involved. Here is is:

Inserted into every one of these (image courtesy of SC Central)…

is one of these (Image courtesy of this auction):

Now the rules of the contest:

1. Your job will be to predict which bat card I will pull from my box, based on the checklist I will supply below.
2. Only one guess per person! Guesses must be submitted before next Sunday, the 10th.
3. I am looking for the answer to which single bat card I will pull. If for some reason I pull a multi-player bat card in place of a single, the first person to correctly guess one of the players on the card will win the contest.
4. The winner of the contest will receive the small lot of cards below . Each card features a player or players active in the 1970’s.
5. If for some reason nobody guesses correctly, I will hold a random drawing to determine the winner.

Here is the checklist. I will update this list every time a player has been selected.

B-BH    Bud Harrelson SP
B-RM    Rick Monday (bozemanbreaker)
B-RH    Ron Hunt
B-REJ    Reggie Jackson (Ryan Cracknell)
B-RAJ    Randy Jones
B-OS    Ozzie Smith (skoormit)
B-NR    Nolan Ryan (sportsheros123)
B-MW    Maury Wills (slette)
B-MM    Manny Mota (Atlanta_Chris)
B-KG    Ken Griffey Sr. (packaddict)
B-JOC    Jose Cruz (Mark Mosley)
B-RS    Ron Santo (Greg L.)
B-RW    Roy White
B-GN    Graig Nettles SP (deal)
B-KH    Keith Hernandez SP (Fuji)
B-RC    Roberto Clemente SP (Chris S)
B-TOS    Tom Seaver SP (mdaubrey)
B-TUM    Tug McGraw SP (Ben The Hen)
B-WR    Willie Randolph (SouthSideSluggers)
B-WM    Willie Montanez
B-TIM    Tim McCarver (Schadigung)
B-TD    Tommy Davis
B-SG    Steve Garvey (Mike Newman)
B-JM    Joe Morgan (Alec)
B-JAC    Jack Clark (The Jaw)
B-DB    Don Baylor (Greg A.)
B-DAE    Darrell Evans (Don)
B-CF    Carlton Fisk (beardy)
B-BR    Bill Russell
B-BP    Boog Powell (RobProp)
B-BOM    Bobby Murcer (nevermore)
B-BIM    Bill Madlock (the drizz)
B-BG    Bobby Grich (Matt)
B-BB    Bobby Bonds (Dinged Corners)
B-AO    Al Oliver (JBob)
B-DC    Dave Concepcion (Drew)
B-DP    Dave Parker (owlatnight)
B-HM    Hal McRae
B-HA    Hank Aaron (volleygod67)
B-GM    Garry Maddox (Dan)
B-GL    Greg Luzinski (Rod)
B-GF    George Foster (Chris)
B-GC    Gary Carter (RoofGod)
B-FL    Fred Lynn (thehamiltonian)
B-EM    Eddie Murray (Adam E.)
B-DWE    Dwight Evans (Dan)
B-DW    Dave Winfield (PunkRockPaint)
B-AD    Andre Dawson (JustinB521)

Good luck to all!

Edit: I apologize but I had to delete some of the comments. Because I wasn’t around to moderate the comments right away, two people picked Greg Luzinski and George Foster. For these selections, I went by whoever commented first. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Bobby Grich!

  2. Steve Garvey!

  3. bozemanbreaker

    Rick Monday, thanks for the contest.

  4. Joe Morgan

  5. Dave Conception!

  6. well, it’s spelled Concepcion but who’s counting

  7. I’ll take Ron Santo.

  8. Dave Parker.

  9. Greg Luzinski

  10. Definitely Dwight Evans…

  11. Gary Carter

  12. Darrell Evans

  13. “MAD DOG” Bill Madlock

  14. Jack Clark

  15. Don Baylor

  16. B-BP Boog Powell

  17. Back again for a second chance – Fred Lynn.

  18. PunkRockPaint

    Dave Winfield for my guess…

  19. Al Oliver is a lock kind sir

  20. sportsheros123

    Nolan Ryan

  21. Tim McCarver

  22. Hank Aaron if still available… or Andre Dawson if he isn’t.


  23. Neither was chosen so I put you down for your first choice, Hank Aaron. Thanks for entering!

  24. SouthSideSluggers

    Willie Randolph is my second choice as my first one was voided…come on Willie….

  25. Andre Dawson!!!

  26. Tug McGraw

  27. Maury Wills

  28. what the hell, I’ll go with Clemente!

  29. Garry Maddox for sure!

  30. Thanks for the contest. I’ll go with:

    B-TOS Tom Seaver SP

  31. Jose Cruz

  32. I’ll go with Griffey Sr!

  33. I will go w/ Graig Nettles. Lookin fwd to the break.

  34. I’ll take the Wizard of Oz.

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