2000 Fleer Focus Baseball Box 4

Here it is, my fourth box of 2000 Fleer Focus, the second box sent to me from Peter of Dropped Third Strike.

Base: Tons. Someday I’ll organize the base from these two boxes. If anyone would like a team set, I’ll gladly send one.

Prospects: Ben Petrick (3997/3999)

Masterpiece Mania (/300): Doug Glanville (036/300) and Robin Ventura (007/300)

Focal Points (1:6 packs): Frank Thomas, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter

Future Vision (1:9 packs): Adam Kennedy, Octavio Dotel, Mario Encarnacion

Focus Pocus (1:14 packs): Tony Gwynn x2 (seriously)

Club 3000 (1:36 packs): Steve Carlton

Fresh Ink (1:96 packs): Erubiel Durazo

Final Thoughts: This box certainly wasn’t short on the inserts, which is good, but pulling the same inserts over and over again gets a bit annoying, especially when you get duplicates in the same box. Once again, I was haunted by Erubiel Durazo. While it wasn’t nearly as good as the autograph from Box 1, it’s still an autograph so no complaints here. Once again, I have to give a huge thank you to Peter for everything!

Final Grade: B

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  1. you always know a good home for stray Braves team sets……

  2. I’d be interested in an Expos set as well…

  3. thingpen: My email’s on the main page. Send me a message with your address and I’ll send some Expos your way.

    Brian: I’m working on a little something for you right now. I should have it out next week.

  4. Hang on to that Durazo for me. I’d love to trade you for it.

  5. Thanks, breaks! I’ll be sending you an email now. Sorry for the delay.

  6. These available for sale or trade?.
    Building two 250 card mania sets
    Masterpiece Mania (/300): Doug Glanville (036/300) and Robin Ventura (007/300)


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