You Make the Call! (v2.0)

Once again, I have the itch to bust something but need some help in selecting a box. Last time, you voted in favor of 2000 Upper Deck Legends over 1996 SPx and 1994 Flair Series 2. While the latter two boxes are still likely to be seen on this blog somewhere down the line, I’ve got my eye on a new crop of boxes. Here are the choices for You Make the Call! (v2.0):

1999 Bowman Series 2: 1999 Bowman had one heck of a rookie class, most of whom could be found in Series 2. Some examples include Josh Hamilton, Alfonso Soriano, C.C. Sabathia, Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, Matt Holliday, A.J. Burnett, and many more!

2000 Bowman’s Best:
The rookie cards are serially numbered to 2999 and include Barry Zito, Francisco Rodriguez, and Johan Santana! Autographs and game-used pulls are also possible with the Franchise Favorites and Locker Room Collection sets.

2001 UD Decade 1970’s: This product is focused entirely on players from the ’70s! There are tons of inserts and a game-used bat card in each box. Also randomly inserted are combination bat cards, jersey cards, and SIGNED jersey cards!
Again, these are just a few ideas I had. Feedback and other box suggestions are welcome! Please vote below!


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  1. I’ve talked about UD Decade 1970s twice on my blog in the last week. So there’s no question what I’m voting for.

  2. I was vote #1 last night and it was for Bowman’s Best.

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