Goodies From Wax Heaven!

A few days ago, a package arrived from Cooper City, Florida that had my name on the outside and a whole bunch of hockey relics on the inside! For those that don’t know, I often like to move tradebait along to those who could actually use those cards while asking for little in return. Over the past few months, I had sent a few packages to Mario at Wax Heaven containing cards of Jose Cruz, Andrew Miller (one of those autographs was from me), and even this amazing dual autograph. Ever since the first package went out, Mario has been looking to hook me up with something in return.

Now because I mainly collect just Martin Brodeur, Paul O’Neill, New Jersey Devils, and (to a lesser extent) New York Yankees, and have a pretty extensive collection for each, it can be difficult to find something I need. In fact, one blogger even said that finding me something was like “shopping for the guy who already has everything.” I’m not sure how true that is, but Mario definitely found a way to pay me back for my continuous generosity.

The lot included these six cards, along with a couple other Martin Brodeur inserts and a couple other relics from SPx and Upper Deck. If any of you hockey loving bloggers out there can use anything, let me know. Otherwise, these cards will likely be headed out to a longtime trade partner in Canada who hooks me up with tons of Brodeur items every time we trade.

P.S. Mats Sundin and Curtis Joseph are on the other side of that “2 on 2” game-used card.

P.P.S. Go Devils!


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  1. i definitely would love any hockey cards. i have a brodeur/price dual auto for trade.

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