2000 Upper Deck Legends Baseball Review

Here it is! The box that you voted I should break, 2000 Upper Deck Legends, has finally arrived. This product was one that I busted exactly none of at the time of its release, due mainly to the fact that the local card shop was charging nearly $10/pack for this stuff. Nowadays, this is a pretty tough box to find, especially for under a C-note. After thoroughly searching several sites, the lowest price I found on this box was $80 so that’s what I went with. Let’s see what that would bring me.

Box Details: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack, $80

Base set: The base set is comprised of a 90-card short set followed by a 15-card Generation Y2K (1:9 packs) and a 30-card 20th Century Legends (1:5 packs) subset. I completed the 90-card short set and had 9 extras to boot. My Gen Y2K cards were of Brad Penny and Ruben Mateo. My Century Legends SP’s featured Tony Gwynn, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Bob Gibson, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Jose Canseco.

Both the base and subset cards are very foil heavy. Despite this, the cards came out very clean and in great condition. The base cards feature the player’s jersey number in the bottom right corner and the player’s name scrolls up the right side of the card inside a box that’s colored in a unique way for each team. The interesting thing about these cards is that there’s a little blurb about each player on the FRONT as well as the back. Also included on the back are full career stats. The set is mirrored by two levels of Commemorative Collection parallels, Level 1 (/100) and Level 2 (1/1).

Here’s a look at the inserts of this box, all of which have a holofoil treatment to them, reminding me of my SP Authentic box from the same year.

Millennium Team (1:4 packs):
This insert set features nine of the best of all time, with one player representing each position. The cards are numbered 1-10, but card number 6 does not exist. My pulls were Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Jr., Willie Mays, Johnny Bench, Nolan Ryan, and Ken Griffey, Jr.

Reflections in Time (1:12 packs): Each of the ten cards in the Reflections in Time set features a pairing of a modern-day superstar with a legendary player of the same position. The back of each card summarizes the career achievements of both players and illustrates the connection that the two players have. My combos were Sammy Sosa/Roberto Clemente and Ivan Rodriguez/Johnny Bench.

Defining Moments (1:12 packs): I don’t think I have to explain this one much. Of the ten cards in this set, I pulled a Cal Ripken, Jr. commemorating his 2,131st consecutive game played and a Reggie Jackson commemorating his three homer game in the 1977 World Series.

Eternal Glory (1:24 packs): Seeded at one per box, the Eternal Glory set contains six subjects. The cards are numbered 1-7, but as was the case with the Millennium Team set, this set is also missing a card. In this case, card number 3 does not exist. My pull was of Derek Jeter.

Ones For the Ages (1:24 packs): One would find one of the seven Ones For the Ages inserts in each box. I pulled card number 3, Babe Ruth. The back of the card shows Ruth’s stat line for the 1927 season.

Legendary Signatures (1:24 packs): Now we come to the part that a lot of you are curious about, the guaranteed signature card. Forty (!) men signed cards for this epic autograph set. Some of the possible pulls include: Aaron, Koufax, Griffey, Ripken, Clemens, Ryan, Seaver, Musial, Piazza, Thomas, Schmidt, Bench, Jeter, A-Rod, Stargell, Brett, Randy Johnson, and a lot more!

Who did I pull?
Knucksie! In order to ensure a suspenseful break, this autograph didn’t appear until the very last pack of the box. It’s always nice to pull a Hall of Famer (or anyone not named Mo Vaughn), even if 1) it’s not one of the bigger possible pulls and 2) a copy recently sold online for less than $10 dlvd. Still, I didn’t buy this box hoping to pull a big autograph that I could “flip” for big money so I’m not complaining. That’s not collecting. By the way, this set also has a gold parallel numbered to 50.

Final Thoughts/Grades:
Collation: A+. I completed the 90-card short set and had a few extras to spare. Surprisingly, there were no duplicate inserts. Of course, I’m referring to the Millennium Team inserts. When there are only nine players in the set and the inserts fall six per box, you’d think there’d be at least one duplicate. This wasn’t the case. Very nice!

Condition: B+. For a box that had as many foil cards as this, the cards came out very well. There were a couple inserts that came flawed from the pack but that was it.

Pulls: B+. Lots of starpower in the inserts but that’s to be expected in a product like this.

Value: A. Between the inserts, shortprints, and the autograph, there were 21 non-base pulls from this box. Based on insertion ratios (they all delivered in this box), this would be about the standard number of pulls one could expect. This also doesn’t take into account the fact that there is a game jersey card in every other box and randomly inserted 3000 Hit Club cards of Carl Yastrzemski and Paul Molitor. For the price I paid, I’d say it’s solid. For the price that most would ask for this box ($120+), not so much.

Final Grade: A.

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  1. bozemanbreaker

    awesome break, enjoyed it.

  2. nice. The Knucksie is a HUGE hit… Love it!

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