Boredom Blaster: 2009 Topps

I know, I know. A blaster of 2009 Topps doesn’t exactly qualify as an “oldschool break,” but I just had to see for myself what the fuss was all about. Overall, I was much more impressed by this box than the Upper Deck blaster I busted a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I pulled:

Base set: I pulled 65 base cards without a single dupe. I didn’t anticipate them having a black border (or background, should’ve noted this earlier). The cards came out very clean and without dings and roller marks that several cards from UD did.

Toppstown: Brandon Webb, Evan Longoria, Johan Santana, Hanley Ramirez, Alex Gordon, Jake Peavy, Nick Markakis, Justin Morneau, and Ryan Howard. I also pulled a gold of Nick Markakis. I don’t particularly care for these, but at least they’re at least a little interesting this year. Anybody need codes?

Topps Gold (/2009): Rich Harden. The tradition continues.

Turkey Red: Shane Victorino, Ervin Santana. I have mixed feelings about Turkey Red. Overall, I’ve never really been into these cards, with the exception of 2007’s set, which I loved. I’m not unhappy that they’ve become an insert in this year’s Topps though. They certainly could’ve found something worse.

Legends of the Game: Walter Johnson, Roberto Clemente.
I think I may have found the first insert set I want to complete in 2009.

Historical Commemorative Patch (Boxloader): Ernie Banks (1962 ASG). While I loathe manufactured, non-GU letter patches (even if they ARE signed), these patch cards are pretty decent. The makeup of these cards remind me a little of those patches used in 2003 Sweet Spot Classic with the key difference being the fact that these cards commemorate past All-Star and World Series games rather than contain a mere simple team logo. A couple of other scans (along with the complete checklist) were posted on A Cardboard Problem last week. I’d have to give Topps the “thumbs up” on this set, as well as the flagship in general.

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  1. Would you consider trading that Ernie Banks? I’ve had my eye on it for a couple weeks now but haven’t pulled the trigger on Ebay yet.

  2. I for one am very pleased with ’09 Topps and disappointed with UD this year. I’m looking forward to Heritage when it comes out because I think it’s going to be great this year.

  3. Jeff,

    I totally agree with you. I’m also looking forward to Heritage. I haven’t really collected any since ’05 when they modeled them after ’56 Topps.

  4. Did you say that the base cards were all black bordered?? They should be white bordered, the blacks were all serial numbered to 59 I think??? Just wondering as I got a blaster yesterday and my base were all white bordered…also the patch cards sell well on Ebay.

  5. Black border?? Are these the ones numbered to 52 or were the borders just black? Is the the same in all the cards in the box? I’ve never heard of black bordered ’09 Topps before.

  6. Jeff and Dayf,

    I had never heard of black bordered cards either with the exception of the parallel you speak of. EVERY base card from this blaster looks just like the ones in the scan. None are numbered. I was just as confused as you guys when I saw them.

    Does anybody out there have any information on these? Has anyone else busted a blaster and found black cards?? Help me out please!


  7. I’m on it. Are there any other distinguishing features to the card other than the black borders? My Bobby Cox card doesn’t have that black background.

  8. Sorcery!! Black Magic!! *grabs pitchforks and torches*

  9. I also bought a blaster today (from Wal*Mart) that had ONLY black bordered cards, except for the Jackie Robinson short print which was white bordered. I posted a comparison scan of a white bordered card I pulled last week with the same card with a black border pulled today… No idea what’s going on though, something is fishy!

  10. I also opened a Wal-Mart blaster and got all black borders, no numbering, just black borders.

  11. has graded quite a few of these black bordered ones as 2009 topps

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