A Whole Lotta Mail!

When I opened my P.O. Box this morning, I found a slip inside stating that I had “too much mail to fit in my box.” Honestly, I was only expecting one package and that was for some supplies I just ordered. Here’s what I had to pick up from the service counter:

The first card came from Youtube user paulnj39. For whatever reason, I still partake in the occasional group break despite having been in a bit of a “slump.” Paul recently held a break for a case of 2007 Ultimate Collection and a box of 2008 Prime Cuts IV. I drew the Cleveland Indians with my lone spot and was completely shut out of the Ultimate case (Note to self: Stop doing these). I was able to get a little something from the Prime Cuts box thankfully.

It’s a parallel of Indians prospect Cord Phelps, numbered 5/5 on the back.

If any Tribe fans out there would like to make a deal, let me know. I’m personally sick of seeing the last name “Phelps” but that’s just me.

The following group of cards were sent to me from two of my favorite bloggers, Sooz of A Cardboard Problem and the one and only Night Owl. Sooz sent me the only Paul O’Neill card in today’s bunch, a 1998 Topps Tek pattern #57. For those that don’t remember this set, there were 90 players in the Tek set, all of which had 90 variations (patterns) each! Yes, that’s an 8,100 card set! Someone out there has finished it though and I know for a fact that he reads this blog (that’s a shout out to you Carl). Anyway, thanks a lot Sooz! These cards have been a bit difficult for me to find so this is much appreciated.

As for Night Owl, he sent me a variety of Yankee cards ranging from 1974-2009. Included in this package were a 1974 Sam McDowell, several stickers from the early ’80s, YSL cards, a Hideki Matsui Topps Chrome X-Fractor, and several other cards from sets such as ’09 Upper Deck, and last year’s Topps Heritage and Stadium Club. I had twice sent Greg a variety of Dodger cards, first from a mini-contest I had last month and then from the group break, but I had no idea he would send this much in return. Thanks a lot Greg! If anyone out there (Marie? Peter? Anyone else?) is interested, these are the numbers of the YSL cards that will be available for trade:

1366, 1794, 1819, 3107, 3475, 4870, 6723

Last, but certainly not least, we have my friend Ravi, a huge Paul O’Neill collector himself who often hooks me up with doubles. He did just that a couple days ago, sending me a package of 15 new Paulie cards for the collection. Here’s a scan of some of the better ones:

Included in this lot were some oddballs and unlisted cards that are new to me. There were quite a few parallels from Pacific products, Stadium Club, Bowman Chome, and Topps. The Gallery card in the scan is actually a Gallery Proof parallel numbered out of 125. Thanks a ton Ravi! Thanks again to everyone who sent me cards. My Paul O’Neill collection now has more than 650 cards and is still growing!

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  1. I have a bunch of Yankees just sitting around gathering dust. If you will send me your address I will get some out to you.

  2. That Cedar Rapids O’Neill card is fantastic! Long live the minor league cards!

  3. Those are some very nice YSL cards you have there *twists mustache* Cool O’Neill cards. I picked up a Mattingly Ring Leaders Members Only card. That whole Members Only thing with Stadium Club is a very peculiar bunch of cards.

  4. I went through all the O’Neill cards I had and that was the one I sent you was the only one you didn’t already have on your list. Everything else I owned was already on your list.

    I didn’t know the Tek set was so extensive.

  5. That O’Neill Cedar Rapids cards Suh huh Weet!

  6. Congrats on 650 John, you’re past the 50% mark now!

    The Cedar Rapids is a nice card, but the Liberty Sports is by far the rarest of the bunch. Those were only hand-distributed to certain customers of the satellite companies and weren’t available via public release.

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