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Recently, Peter of Dropped Third Strike posted about a Yankee Stadium Legacy card of great significance to him, one that showcased the final game he witnessed live at the old Yankee Stadium. After reading that post, I was determined to find the YSL card that featured a significant game to me, the one that I attended with my father that solidified Paul O’Neill’s status as my favorite Yankee forever. For the full story, click here.

After browsing several YSL cards for game numbers and dates, I was able to track my game down. The card I was looking for Game 5615 and based on the portion of the set this game fell into, I concluded that John Wetteland was on the front of the card. A quick visit to Sportlots a few days ago yielded this card this morning:

Does it bother me that John Wettleland is on the front of this card and not my guy? Not really. Wetteland actually did play in this game, surrendering a run on three hits in the ninth inning. However, looking at the back of the card, it’s clear who the star of the game was.


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