Ehh…What the Hell? A 2009 UD Blaster!

Tonight, I stopped by WallyWorld to pick up a couple things (some extra bubble mailers for the group break, among others) when I decided to check out the blasters there for the first time in a while. Among the new blasters were 2009 UD, Topps Mayo (no comment), and American Heritage. I think I made the right choice. Here’s what I pulled:

Base: 65 of them. I’ve put a few of them aside for some people that were involved in my group break. If you people are reading this:

Night Owl – I’ve got 6 Dodger cards here coming your way.
Sooz – I have a Jeter Highlights (card 466) that I’ll throw in with the others.
Mr. Maniac Conspiracy Theorist (Joe) – I have 2 Reds from this set I’ll send your way (plus more) whenever you decide to send me your address.

YSL: Mike Mussina #6677, “A-Fraud” #6729
NOTE: I will only trade these for other YSL cards. If anyone working on the set can send me some dupes, let me know. Otherwise, they’re going to charity.

1975 OPC: Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, Felix Hernandez

Starquest: Johan Santana (Blue Uncommon), Ryan Braun (Gold Rare)

Rivals: Jose Reyes/Jimmy Rollins

USA Baseball: Harold Martinez

Historic Firsts Predictors: N.L. wins A.S.G.

20th Anniversary Retrospective: Wayne Gretzky #362

UD Game Jersey: Ian Kennedy

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  1. You’re the best, John. Thanks!

  2. ugh that NL Wins All-Star game hurts.

  3. Why are they putting hockey cards in baseball blasters/sets!? I hate this trend!

  4. Sweet David Price card! The N.L. will definitely NOT win the All Star game. The Rays need to have home field advantage in the World Series again 🙂

  5. you’re awesome. I just wanted to you know. I got the cards today and I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t see this post till just this moment.

    Thank you so much.

  6. You’re very welcome Sooz. I tried to throw some extras of Jeter that you didn’t already have but it proved very difficult! Thanks for letting me know you got the cards. So far, I think you and Patricia (Dinged Corners) were the only ones to notify me.


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